TOP 5 Nintendo Wii U Games

Check out the TOP 5 MUST HAVE Wii U games for the Nintendo Wii U system.

Throughout the Nintendo Wii U console’s lifespan there were numerous triple-A must have Nintendo titles that truly deserves to be in your game collection. In this episode, I will be showing FIVE Wii U games that you absolutely must have in your video game library.

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24 Replies to “TOP 5 Nintendo Wii U Games”

  1. Oliver Roderick

    We got a different box for the Mario Kart 8 Bundle over here in the UK. Love them both though.

    My top five, in terms of the games which gave me the most fun:

    1) Splatoon
    2) Mario Kart 8
    3) ZombiU
    4) COD Ghosts and Black Ops II
    5) Assassin's Creed III.

    Didn't include Wind Waker as it's a remake or BOTW as I have both versions but only played on Switch!

  2. Kevla El

    this video really helped we skipped the wii u but now my son wants one for his birthday. we have every other Nintendo so should have bought a wii u sooner. love your videos mate.

  3. dcrediah

    Great list Danny! Some very essential titles there
    Mine would be very close but somewhere on the list would be Wonderful 101 and Smash Bros U.
    I put so many hours into Mario Kart 8 its scary lol , and when I get my Switch, it'll be that all over again

  4. akaimizu1

    My 5 favorites are similar though as hard a decision it is, this is my list. In no particular order.
    – Super Smash Bros. Wii U
    – Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
    – Splatoon
    – Xenoblade Chronicles X (absolutely adored this one, and was the top game that sucked me in completely before Breath of the Wild. It also had a great narrative that explains so much you see in the game, surprises, and the world itself is a major player here. More than anything else. This is the game that already prepared me for what to expect Breath of the Wild could be knowing Monolithsoft was working with Nintendo.)
    – Pikmin 3 (great game with an even greater mission mode and one of my first faves to hit the system)
    Honorable mentions: Bayonetta 2(with enhanced Bayonetta 1) and Wonderful 101. (The devs didn't disappoint with their Wii U entries. They also have some of the most impressive visuals and gameplay on the system. They have a standard of wowing the player at first, then every so often jump it to an entirely different level that makes what you saw before become just a small part of what you're playing now. Then they do it time and time again. You get presented with what you'd think would be the climax of games (due to what you've seen before) and then they say "Nope" and then at least figuratively pull the camera back and say, "No! This is the scale!" Then later, they do it again.)

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