Top 5 ELECTRIC CARS | Geneva Motor Show 2019 | Top Gear

The age of the electric car is here! Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix shows us around the latest EVs at the Geneva Motor Show, including the £2.2million Pininfarina Battista and Fiat’s all-electric Centoventi concept. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

First Look:
Car Walkarounds:
Chris Harris Drives:

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35 Replies to “Top 5 ELECTRIC CARS | Geneva Motor Show 2019 | Top Gear”

  1. Alex Dubois

    One thing for sure is that it is far less expensive to produce. So if they are sold at the same price, no wonder all constructors are here 🙂 That being said, I can't wait to buy one. I hate the noise of my car.

  2. anthony gomes

    my down arrow is not so much for the analysis itself but the concept of the geneva motor show. who cares about concept cars with no price tag nor hard core plan to actually make them and bring them to market. no real world testing, total fantasy land fluff crap.

  3. Wetsuitntie

    These are cars we can buy? Most seem not to be available until 2020 – and probably not deliverable until early 2021.
    And when are we going to see affordable roadsters and other interesting variations to the boring SUV mantra? Not everyone needs to transport a family of 5 plus a couple of dogs, and the instant torque of an electric drive train would be perfect for a sporty two-seater (with a roof and windows for cold, wet days!)

  4. RawLu

    The sooner we go Full Electric the better off everyone will be. Full Electric cars etc. are just so much Simpler as well, just imagine all the carbon saved from not having to make all those parts & oil's etc.? its HUGE overall for our cities & our Only Planet  😉

  5. Joe Spiccia

    1st congress and Muiller caved to the old man trump and now congress/ senate cave in to Jr what a guttless mob of dems. We dont know yet but i hope that they havent caved to the trump tower meeting. Show a little back bone dems. As usual the Republicans are walking all over u, show me som spine.

  6. Joe McMorrow

    I am about to release an all electric car with 1000 miles range, the seats float on anti grav pads, there is a device in the glovebox that prints money in any currency you like. it can collect your kids from school and it can fly at the weekends. Oops, I meant I am about to release an all electric car *concept*, far easier and cheaper than making a real actual car – and the auto pundits lap it up as if it's much more than only modelling clay and strategically placed freestanding wheels.

  7. Gostandinos Theodossiou

    A number of studies have linked EMF exposure with serious health issues, including a possible risk of cancer, miscarriage and a higher risk of leukemia among children.

    Batteries and power cables in electric and hybrid vehicles are usually placed close to the driver and passengers, meaning that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields is unavoidable.

  8. alan green

    How come ALL the car manufacturers have got a version of an electric car produced.
    If it was like a shock to be told this was the future, they would still be on the drawing board.

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