Top 5 Best Amazon Echo Alexa Skills and Tips

The Top 5 Alexa Skills and most useful Tips for your Amazon Echo smart home device. What are your top skills and we’ll do a top 10 best Alexa Skills, Tips, or Commands for your Amazon Echo.

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Now back to our current Top 5 Amazon Alexa Skills or Commands. Ask My Buddy is an Alexa Skill. There are several Financial Skills like Capitol One and Amex. A lot of new Skills can control your car under connected Car. Spending 5 minutes a day with Alexa Skill called Five Minute Workout. A fun Alexa Skill is called Escape the Room. To do list isn’t really an Alexa Skill but it is very helpful.

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31 Replies to “Top 5 Best Amazon Echo Alexa Skills and Tips”

  1. vinny M

    Nice video, however I'm not a huge fan of the "5 minutes workout" skill it's basically the SAME audio routine over and over again. I use "My fitness trainer" instead it gives me a random workout which I find less boring.

  2. Bruce Hunsaker

    I really enjoy this channel thank you for the information, I find the home automation skills for Hue, broadlink, smart life very useful and twenty questions is fun and we'll fart jokes is funny cause it makes my boy crack up laughing

  3. Richard Macias

    why don't you show off the Echo shows video capability and I'm not talking about prime video. Try to get it to show you a video in full screen without a million commercials.

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