Top 25 Xbox One RPGs of All Time | whatoplay

Complete ranking of the best roleplaying games on the #Xbox One

Presenting the top #RPG games ever released on Xbox One. These are the highest-rated roleplaying games based on the #playscore, an aggregate rating that combines critic and gamer reviews.

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36 Replies to “Top 25 Xbox One RPGs of All Time | whatoplay”

  1. Joker

    Honestly Xbox One is such a great looking console that functions better than the PS4 when it comes to fan noise but failed to provide awesome video games for this awesome looking Xbox One console. Xbox 360 had better video games than this…. Wish Xbox was great how they used to be in the past… I hope with their new Xbox series they will make better video games…. I literally had to get a PS4 instead because it had better video games…. 🙁

  2. J Miller

    PLEASE HELP!!! I've Contracted Covid-19 and need your help!!! I'm a senior woman who likes to play puzzle adventure Xbox One (X) games that have the look and feel of Quern, Oblivion, myst, the room, etc? I don't play the blood or jumpy (mario) type games and it is so hard to find first person puzzle adventure games. I really need something to take my mind off the pain and breathing problems I'm having since being quarantined!! Can you please list some? I'd like new ones but I will even take old ones that work on the Xbox one(x). Thank you so so much!!

  3. I Got Dibz Gaming

    You mean you actually found 25 RPGs for the xbone? Actually I’m gonna watch and see how many actually are RPGs before I get to excited, you guys got a terrible track record of calling games RPGs that aren’t even close to being an RPG. Be right back

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