34 Replies to “Top 20 SNES Games (10-1) | ScrewAttack!”

  1. Benjamin Tyus

    Honestly this list is what got me into Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger. I had never even heard of these games, and then saw this list. So I checked them out and was amazed, blown away. That was several years ago. Great games, great list too. Love Craig's passion for these games.

  2. Dustin Roberts

    Love most of the list. Would love more an opinion. Does anyone else kind of feel like they just couldn't get into super metroid? Megaman x hell yeah
    Super mario world hell yeah
    Link to the past hell yeah

    Super metroid just mever did it for me though

  3. Theshark15z

    I felt like too many RPG games were on this video. They should have put more action games like Run-Saber, Time Slip, X-Kaliber, Doom Troopers, Xardion, Psycho Dream and Soldiers of Fortune.

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