Top 20 INSANE Upcoming SURVIVAL Games of 2019 & 2020 | PS4 Xbox One PC

Top 20 Upcoming SURVIVAL Games in 2019 & 2020 | Most Anticipated Games 2019 for PS4 XBOX ONE PC

Games List:

00:00 – Deadside
TBA 2019 (PC)

01:39 World War Z
TBA 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC)

02:48 Death Stranding

03:55 Unholy
TBA 2019 (PC)

04:43 Pandemic Express
TBA 2019 (PC)

06:10 Metro Exodus
Feb. 22, 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC)

08:27 Dying Light 2
TBA 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC)

10:49 Last Year The: Nightmare
2019 (PC)

12:06 Someday You’ll Return
TBA 2019 (PC)

13:34 The Last of Us: Part II
TBA 2019 (PS4 Exclusive)

15:37 Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass
TBA 2019 (PC)

16:18 A Plague Tale: Innocence
TBA (PS4, XB1, PC)

18:30 The Sinking City
March 21, 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC)

21:26 Little Devil Inside
TBA (PS4, XB1, Wii U, PC)

23:08 The Beast Inside
TBA 2019 (PC)

24:39 Days Gone
April 26, 2019 (PS4 Exclusive)

26:26 Close to the Sun
Q1 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC)

27:11 Remnant: From the Ashes
TBA 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC)

28:13 Overkill’s The Walking Dead
Feb. 2019 on PS4, XB1

30:21 Scorn
2019 (PC)


32:01 Maid of Sker
Q3 2019 (PS4/XB1/Switch/PC)

33:16 Resident Evil 2
Jan. 25, 2019 (PS4/XB1/PC)

35:03 Paranoid
TBA 2019 (PC)


29 Replies to “Top 20 INSANE Upcoming SURVIVAL Games of 2019 & 2020 | PS4 Xbox One PC”

  1. MISTA 808

    That moment when it's been almost 2 years since playing League of Legends
    and now despite ALL other titles on PC and PS4 I'm still considering downloading
    the game and playing it again.

  2. Dean Nutz

    Wana see a good primative survival type game. Something like stranded on a island have to craft shelter gather food build raft fish trap animals hunt.
    Build camp. Make own clothes an equipment. An if it was on a huge map with other players even better

  3. Alexandru Babliuc

    these are "survival" games?…… interesting. By this new definition soon Counter Strike will be a survival game too, since you have to survive the enemy's attacks every round. When you say survival games you mean that you have to craft, build a base, farm to eat and drink as in real life, and SURVIVE in a jungle or desert or any biome, trying not to get eaten by a tiger or whatever animal you find in that game…not shooting zombies man… I mean you have the best examples as Ark, Conan, The forest, or even Space engineers. This video is just full of horror-/shooter games

  4. GamingMusicLover TurtleTortoise

    Surviving from players like in the whole world 99 or 999 people are left and you gotta kill them before they do!
    These Battle Royal games are becoming famous for Christmas noob kids who loves normie memes on Facebook,There should be survival games like Last Day On Earth Android game,or The Sun Origins,open world,or the new FC Dawn

  5. Gevork Bagdasarov

    When i think about survival i am thining about games where you are stranded and you need to survive like Subnautica.

    Game where you have to clean water before drinking it. Food and deep macro system like scum.

    I dont need all the zombi bulshit.
    We are tired of it. We want something close to real. I like to think that i am speaking on thr behalf of most people.

    So for me non of the games are survival on this list.

    Forest is survival game. Scum and Subnautica is.

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