Top 15 Best Xbox One X Enhanced Games So Far

A ranking of the best enhanced titles for the Xbox One and Xbox One X. These are the highest rated enhanced Xbox One X games currently available on the Microsoft Store. The links for the following titles will be added soon.

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42 Replies to “Top 15 Best Xbox One X Enhanced Games So Far”

  1. Matthew Montgomery

    I have Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed, The Forzas. And you are right. Best games I own. But please don’t forget about Red Dead Redemption 2. That’s my ultimate favorite and it looks so GREAT!

  2. Dave Meredith

    And still none of them can hold a candle to Sony's major 1st party games. It's clearly not power. Sony has the best design teams and artists. They manage to squeeze brilliance from technically a weaker system but the games actually look better than anything on X. Artistic design and know how shines through. Creative qualities outshines raw power.

  3. mrakun

    wow this guy must live in a pretty warped world if he thinks Wolfenstein 2 is polarizing. wtf must be a snowflake that get's triggered while playing because it makes him think of DJ Trump too much.

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