Top 10 Xbox One Games of 2018 So Far

A ranking of the best Xbox One games of 2018 so far. These are the top-rated Xbox One titles released in 2018 that are now available on the Microsoft store. Support this channel by getting these games through the affiliate links below:

A Way Out
Full Metal Furies
Dark Souls Remastered
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Monster Hunter: World
NieR: Automata – BECOME AS GODS Edition

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43 Replies to “Top 10 Xbox One Games of 2018 So Far”

  1. Robert Lariviere

    These look like the worst games in history just because one person played a game and gave it a high rating doesnt mean its good it means noy enough people played it please stop wasting peoples time with your youtube videos

  2. Dina Lester

    To be honest, I have no idea why people hate this. If you expect Call of Duty and FIFA this ain't the place you have to be. These are critics rating which are usually unexpected which let you explore new games to play, enjoy, and explore.

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