Top 10 PS4 Games of 2018 So Far

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A ranking of the best PlayStation 4 games of 2018. These are the top-rated PS4 titles released in 2018 that are now available on the Sony PlayStation store. Support this channel by getting these games through the affiliate links below:
(Arranged by alphabetical order)

Dark Souls Remastered
DJMax Respect
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dragon’s Crown Pro
God of War
Monster Hunter: World
Shadow of the Colossus
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

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44 Replies to “Top 10 PS4 Games of 2018 So Far”

  1. tijzen

    its funny that i cant find 9 of these games in a local store.
    but when you look realy closely you can see that 9 full shelfs are filled with call of duty world war 2
    and fifa 18

  2. David Barton

    The Yazkua games are really good. They give many hours (around 40-50) of fun never dull gameplay and the story is so interesting that it will become part of your life lol. Like a good book does.

  3. jotaro kuju

    Yakuza is the biggest reason to get the PS4 and Yakuza 0 is the best of the series and also best place to start and also some awesome cast from the japanese actors and actresses in the game and biggest hit in japan

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