Top 10 Google Home Fails( Google Home Mini Fails)

Top 10 Google Home Fails( Google Home Mini Fails)The little digital assistant from google called google home. Watch it swear and fail.
My equipment that I use
– MIC – Blue snowball
– pop filter
– Amazon echo
– Amazon DOT

Top 10 Google Home Fails( Google Home Mini Fails) script
Hey guys and welcome to listed
in todays video I will be looking at the top 10 google home fails
And just for fun comment below if you have used google home
Google home the useful digital assistance that swears
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So lets begin the top 10 google home fails

The first google home fail video on the list is some bloke asking google home what does lobster
taste like and it gets its answer from its answer from the bodybuilding forum or something.
anyway this is funny

Next up we have a clip from a little girl asking google to play twinkle twinkle little start.
I love her reaction when it plays starts playing it takes her a little while to figure out that not the
song she was after.

Google is the fountain of knowledge so this guy asked to simple questions whats a burka and second whats a
hijab watch this funny google home response.

I laughed a little too hard at the this next clip. This guy asked google home to play some slayer
but she doesn’t know any slayer songs. I love the guys reaction

Wow this playlist has a catchy name just roles right off the tongue. Watch this one.

similar to the video asking amazon Alexa if she works for the CIA google home offers a weirder
response to this.

Next up we have some bloke swearing at google home and google home is happily swearing at him back.

Larry asks google whats his name and she response

the age old classic of pull my finger google home still has it.

always saving the best clips to last and this one is no exception
some guy keeps asking his google home questions but gets no answer.
Do you think it was unplugged comment below whats wrong here.

Thanks for watching the top 10 google home fails. I hope you have enjoyed it. Comment below if you want me to do other digital assistant fails as well
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Until next time google you later

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