Top 10 Exclusive Nintendo Wii Games

Top 10 Exclusive Nintendo Wii Games! The Nintendo Wii is home to some amazing exclusive video games and today we’re counting down 10 of the best exclusive Nintendo Wii Games. TGN partner David Brown counts us down, which exclusives would make your list?

Voiced by TGN Partner David Brown:

Written By: Jordan Atkins

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26 Replies to “Top 10 Exclusive Nintendo Wii Games”

  1. Derrick Barnette

    I think the Wii is going to be popular in the future. Most gamers didn't stick around long enough for Nintendo and 3rd parties to rollout all of the Wii heavy hitters. The Wii U allowed me to revisit most of these games and the system is underrated. Imagine the Wii releasing instead of the GameCube and the current climate could be much different.

  2. Marek Godorowski

    do your research before writing.. forgoten sands is indeed a totally different game on the wii but have You actually seen or played it? there is no time stopping and water manipulation involed. get Your information checked before filling Your audience with false claims. that pop footage is from the ps3/360/pc versions…

  3. Rubenyny13

    So many games that aren't even exclusive to the wii, TGN seriously, change the title, you may be wondering why this video doesn't have many likes? its because this top 10 is not correct witch is hard to fuck up but you somehow did it.

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