Top 10 Best Looking Video Game Consoles

Top 10 Coolest Looking Video Game Consoles

Which video game system looks the best on the outside? Which one looks the coolest – visually, aesthetically – sitting in your living room? Forget the graphics, we’re just talking outter design. Are you a fan of the PS2 slim, or the underdog of the century, the beloved Sega Dreamcast? Stick around and see which console Watchmojo fancies the most – in the shallowest terms possible.

00:41 #10: Playstation Portable
01:42 #9: Xbox One S
02:40 #8: Atari 2600 (Wood Veneer Version)
03:35 #7: Wii
04:27 #6: PlayStation 4
05:14 #5: Nintendo GameCube
06:04 #4: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (NTSC Version)
06:54 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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50 Replies to “Top 10 Best Looking Video Game Consoles”

  1. Escarlin Ramirez

    The ps4 higher that the one s? Come on it looks like a sandwich
    and the ntsc snes? Its blocky and the sfc looks nicer.
    I love the dreamcasts and gamecubes design, they look so small and cute
    The ps2 is a brick, nostalgic, but huge, in design term the dreamcast or the gcn should have been first.
    These are just my opinions (still, every ps4 version look like a burger)

  2. Jasmine Johnston

    My favourite video game console, appearance wise, is the Nintendo 64, specifically with those sick limited edition versions. The Funtastic series is great for those who love translucent plastic but the Pokemon versions are made using custom moulds with Pikachu’s foot serving as the reset button and having his cheeks light up when the N64 is powered on so kawaii!

  3. LittleBigChad

    I know I'm years late but the PS2 as the BEST LOOKING!? NO! Although the PS2 is amazing the console design itself is not even #1 especially if you compare it to other PS consoles. PS3 original should have been #1 or at least somewhere in this list. The PS4 looks times better than the PS2.

  4. Jeremlah Mclane

    I don't see how the Sega Genesis model 1 got left out being that it is by far more elegant than the Super NES and how the Atari Jaguar got put into the honorable mention list when it looked very Intergalactic Space Age at the time not to mention the beautiful Sega Game Gear and the Turbo Graphics 16 didn't even get a mention and you're talking about handhelds game consoles consoles with curves are beautiful a game console that's square with sharp edges is like owning a DVD or blue ray player don't get me wrong I agree with some of the pics on your list and I enjoy your videos I would have put either the Sega Genesis model 1 or the Dreamcast in top 1 PlayStation 2 at Best would be in spot 3 or 4 and the original PlayStation 3 is by far more aesthetically pleasing than the PS4 it's your list I totally respect your decision but curves have always been Keen for most people if you ever do a video on the PS5 and the Xbox One X Series Aesthetics PS5 looks better hands down

  5. Lee Castillo

    Best are…

    1. Dreamcast
    2. Original Fat PS3
    3. Sega Genesis Model 1
    4. Xbox 360 Slim
    5. Nintendo GameCube
    6. PS4 Original
    7. Xbox 1 Slim
    8. PS2
    9. Nintendo Wii
    10. Gameboy SP

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