50 Replies to “Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 – Announce Trailer | PS4”

  1. Surrealist Idealist

    There's not much room for improvement to be made in terms of the basic gameplay and controls of the original series. I think the way forward should primarily focus on the environments and the soundtrack.

    Imagine a PS5 Tony Hawk that let's you skate though massive portions of Manhattan, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Athens, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Shanghai, Tokyo, New Delhi, Singapore, Cairo, Aleppo, Gaza, Bagdad, Tehran, Addis Ababa, Cape Town, Havana, San Jose, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, etc.

    Imagine artists like Immortal Technique, Serj Tankian, Roger Waters, among others, being called in to help pick songs for the soundtrack and maybe even write their own.

    Just a pipe dream of mine…

  2. Fist Hokuto

    Looks cool, but I was playing the dreamcast versions not too long ago, it got boring really quick. If the game is exactly like the old versions then yeah Im gonna be bored really quick again

  3. Jon Homer

    THPS5 has a HD version of a bunch of the levels like this, and I gotta be honest that whilst there was definitely enjoyment in revisiting your youth for 5 minutes, you don’t get to do a load of the tricks that you were able to do in later games in the series. I also posit simultaneously that if you had those moves available it just wouldn’t have the same nostalgic value. I played THPS5 for five minutes and put it on the resale pile. Some things should be left in the past.

  4. MahnDough

    I gave up on Skating games when I tried Skate 3. I grew up with the Tony Hawk games and missed the controls and music dearly. I played the demo yesterday and I still remember most of the tricks and manuals. So glad THPS games are back!!

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