This Tesla Model S Owner Repairs His Own Car

Greg Furstenwerth was an early adopter of the Tesla Model S, but once the car was out of warranty he had a hard time getting the parts and service he needed. So he took on the repairs himself, and found it surprisingly easy. “If you can put together Legos you can put together a Tesla.”
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This Tesla Model S Owner Repairs His Own Car | CNBC

50 Replies to “This Tesla Model S Owner Repairs His Own Car”

  1. sky works

    Every German automaker will beat Tesla in 5 years time. Cars are way more reliable and development and testing is going on for 30 and more years. I remember having an Audi A4 Avant in 1997 and how many problems it had, and the new A4 2017, sure problems exsist, but on other fields that are new like electronics… but that too will improve.

  2. Jason Hanson

    Sorry your warranty expired but did you really expect them to maintain your car forever? Did you think Elon Musk designed a car magic car that never need service or repair? Moving parts, all moving parts eventually fail. Maybe next time don’t buy American. Seriously, did the Pontiac Aztec teach you nothing?

  3. bozzaa

    Why in the hell does he have to take so much apart for repair on a 5 year old, high end car? I got 20-30 year old American cars I don't Have to take apart and repair all the stuff it shows he is doing in this video.

  4. Hitman4Hire562GUNZ No name

    Don't buy a car you can't afford to fix up and tune up and fix when something bro do you really expect a car maker to baby you years after buying. Fix it yourself everything and make it better if it's just so simple like a Legos lolololo. Those parts aren't really made for it soooooooo. Goodluck. Just sell it

  5. Christian Graham

    Oh man, as a technician ide love to go through the car and see the hacks. And yes after warranty is up YOU HAVE TO PAY. You don’t get shut for free. You fixed it yourself I’ll give you that! Good on you buddy! And all cars that I’ve worked on with push starts can drive with the key out of the car. But when you turn it off you can’t turn it back on

  6. Godscountry

    My god ,how can we not allow individual's the freedom to learn about and repair their own Tesla automobiles .This is the beginning of a new era in the history of automobiles The DIY,HotRodding market wants to embrace a production electric car. That is a very good thing .Think of SEMA and it multibillion dollar aftermarket ,Yet Elon and,Tesla won't allow it.Tesla could benefit from making parts,service manuals,bullentins, available to DIY owners. It would open up the market to making Tesla the car to buy, introducing electrics to a whole other segment of car buyers..

  7. ct92404

    I have a 2005 Toyota Camry and it's running fine with no problems at all. Yet this insanely overpriced, "luxury" electric car is falling apart like a crappy Made-in-China Walmart toy. What a POS.

  8. Rooftop Voter

    Voiceover says that Greg is not a mechanic but has a knack for fixing things. Most 'mechanics' at dealer ships are not mechanics either, they are parts changers. Once my vehicle is out of warranty, I never go back to the dealer; too expensive to pay a noob to learn on my car so I have repaired my own since 1972.

  9. C.A. Carlson

    Messing with 2 wires he can get it to drive without a key? Do not mess with said wires. This guy is just an angry penny pincher, his fixes are in par or lower than similarly priced cars. Spent 10 minutes complaining, then said it's super easy to work on, mentioned prices of parts he doesn't realize are actually cheap for such a car. Sell it please, to someone that can handle a little incoveinience ….we have enough electric car haters without the drivers themselves turning into a group of whining babies

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