This SNES clone is BETTER than the ORIGINAL!

Analogue’s Super Nt is a third-party clone of Nintendo’s SNES which claims 100% compatibility with a unique modern-retro experience. Can it really be that good?

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47 Replies to “This SNES clone is BETTER than the ORIGINAL!”


    I must admit I do like that system but I would rather have the SNES mini classic. I have already hackchi my version snes mini and put a 108 games on it and I still have memory to spare if I want more games on it!"

  2. baxter208

    Trying so hard to sell a product that people don’t really give a crap about. The asking price is just too much, So what if the sound or picture is better, it’s still old technology, that they’re asking too much for. Oh and buy my T-shirt while your at at. 😂😂😂

  3. mon berg

    $190 is way over priced that is almost the same as what one cost all those years ago for original.

    With so many other options this thing should be priced around $100 these community guys have gotten greedy here and pricing themselves out for average jo

  4. David M

    No matter what you do, you're not supporting the original developers – they have long since moved on to other projects. This is 25 year old software and hardware, people! And buying used is NEVER amoral; it's actually amoral to take away people's right to resell through digital-only transactions.

  5. Joseph Holliday

    $400 for the SNES Mini on eBay? I just saw a ton of them in stock at Best Buy for $69. Also, why does the video on your original SNES through the Framemeister look like composite video? Anyone running a SNES through a Framemeister is going to be using either component or rgb, not composite. Not a fair comparison. I have the Super NT and definitely prefer it over SNES through my OSSC, but some of this information is misleading. No modding of the SNES is necessary for rgb out.

  6. Martin Osorio

    OK, so you like the number 4!!! look i really hadn't view much of your channel, but i won't be fair, if didn't say, you seem to posses some potential, as to, be able to seat in front of a camera y brief an audience. but here's where i disagree with you and many others, that miss pivotal and even basic details, that in no way, and under no circumstances, can they challenge, the real creators / developers of an intellectual property, whom have laid the physic and specifications, of the proper order. When Nintendo's engineers laid the foundation for the OEM specifications and governing physics, they did so as creators? get my point???? You can imitate and maybe within decent range, but you are only imitating. Under no conditions can you surpass their come to life project, unless you work with them. Amigo you are emulating, emulating amigo, so you make something look prettier cause now you have more candies you can chew on, so what!!!, to this day, i have not seen, anyone capable of putting forth the exact formula a given creator has placed forward. Did you know??? that freaking and shameless over priced knock off console had many problems, they needed to get solved with patches and software updates??? Come on man, a knock is a knock, regardless of what!!! Your talking SNES consoles that been around, what??? 20 plus years, and produced under MASS… MASS…MASS production conditions, got it???, not something that was created in small numbers, to fish and reel in the the ones, that are willing to pay for a $200.00 plus knock of!!! Weren't these the same guy that sold a $500.OO NES Knock off, JESUS!!! You guys really need to take clear look, sponsoring Knock offs that are worth $1OO.OO 's of pesos, and are not built under factory specifications!!!! Good luck, hope you stop sponsoring "KNOCK OFF's)

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