This One Simple Mistake Will Ground Your Parrot ANAFI

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The Parrot ANAFI is a wonderful quad that is becoming very popular with fliers due to its light weight and incredible camera. After flying mine for a week I uncovered one major issue with the quad that can cripple its ability to capture footage. In this clip I explain what this Achilles Heel is and how you can avoid the problem for occurring.

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25 Replies to “This One Simple Mistake Will Ground Your Parrot ANAFI”

  1. Don Rucker

    Wow, I just ordered the Parrot ANAFI combo deal last night, and expect it to be delivered by weeks end. It comes with a 64gb card installed. Is that sufficient for most 4k videos I might get ? My Nikon P1000 would eat that up very quickly…Great info in the video. Thanks for posting.

  2. Crazy Diamond

    Every product has something you wont like… This drone is light portable compact and versatile. It can look under things upwards and has thermal capabilities. Charging is super mobile no need to ever remove sd card as you would never remove from your phone to save video or pics. Use your common sense and improvise to utilize the benefits of this devise.

  3. Karina N

    Can you do this test on Anafi for me??? Can you hover Anafi 10 feet off ground. Then drive your car through underneath Anafi around 20 mph. Controller should be 10 feet from drone. Please Youtube it as I like to see what happened. I had incident with my Anafi and wants to see if it's a big issue. Thx

  4. mh1023 mh1023

    This video is complete clickbait:
    1. You never have to take the SD card out of the drone, it has a USB port and you can just plug it into your computer.
    2. Even if you did damage the SD slot on the drone you can still save video to your phone/tablet or whatever you're using to fly it.
    3. Even if you destroy the SD and for some reason can't save video on your phone it would not 'ground your drone', it would still fly you wouldn't be able to save video.

  5. Gregory Adorian

    Yeah probably a bad habit to get into removing that card is just a bad idea. Also no mention of using masking tape or something like it. I never used this drone but the tape is the first thing I would try.

  6. Dronemaging

    This video is one side, he did not tell you about ANAFI allows user to access storage via USB port located at end of battery which also is used for charging battery. User can put in a high capacity SD card in and never have to access that SD card again.

  7. South West Florida Aerial

    bought this Parrot and I, like you am de bugging it to get all the rough issues resolved. Im wondering if you ever came across this. My video feed to my phone is horrific, never had an issue before. What its doing is chopping stuttering etc,
    I shut off wifi etc on my phone, so I heard I can change the wifi frequency, would you happen to know how to do that? thanks

  8. Neil Camara

    I've never had issues pulling out, mounting the battery in. I was very simple. Maybe because I'm so used to with old cellphone technology where the mount lock is the same as the Anafi. I should create a YouTube video on how I remove the sdcard and how I mount it back in.

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