THIS Is Why There Are So Many Nintendo Switch Ports

Nintendo Switch has A LOT of ports from past platforms and today we talk about the reason why there are so many! Do YOU want more Wii U ports on Nintendo Switch? Let us know what YOU think in the comments before!

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44 Replies to “THIS Is Why There Are So Many Nintendo Switch Ports”

  1. Ev'ixyn

    I would love to have Mario maker or a sequel to that game 😀 I do not mind if Nintendo is porting the whole Wii U Library as Nintendo is not going to compensate us early adopters. So it is up to us who bought them previously to not buy them again unless you enjoyed that title and want to play it again on the next generation system 0/

  2. The Player Characters

    I think it's a delicate process, but overall a good thing. I lost my mind with excitement when I saw De Blob 2 for Switch. If they want to play it super smart, make an add-on to the switch hub where you can buy blank cartridges, buy a game off of their store and write it onto said cartridges, that way its giving gamers more access of options for their switch while still making money for your cartridges (even make an update for the switch where it needs a special reading in the code for all games like this to authenticate they were properly gathered from the store and not pirated). If it's an old gen game (like, maybe 64 and older) have the cartridge have a menu feature so they can download multiple games onto the cartridge and select which one they want to play. shrug

  3. Succulent Turnip

    Got no problem with ports at all.
    Still waiting for a switch port of Pikmin 3, wonderful 101 and Mario 3D World. What I have a problem with is the fact they price them all at full price when as little effort as possible has been put in to port them.

  4. polygon

    I never had a Wii U so for me, and I think a lot of people, these are essentially new games. And as you pointed out, because Nintendo's 1st party games are so polished with so much attention to detail it doesn't really matter that they're a few years old because you honestly won't even notice in the game play. So far these Wii U ports have been excellent and I'm glad I'm getting the chance to play them.

  5. Phil Lewis

    Do you guys think a Banjo port is in the near future? There was some hype when SSBU was coming out that they were renewing something with the title. Unless Banjo is a DLC for ultimate, I’m hopeful for a N64 port somewhere down the line.

  6. German Vazquez

    I didn’t even know about New Super Mario Bros U until the deluxe came out for the switch… and I own a Wii U. And I’m an avid gamer. That’s proof right there that the Wii U was definitely a flop. I only have about six to seven games for the Wii U. I have 13 for the switch so far!!! On a side note, on the topic of ports and remasters, when are they going to give Baten Kaitos from GameCube the justice it deserves!?

  7. B 11082

    As much as i love dkc returns and freeze and their great and fun it does not capture the same feeling as the original trilogy like load up dkc2 the atmosphere the world maps the music everything is masterful the newer ones tried their great fun challenging but its not the same same with mario i loved 3d land and world those are on point but newsupermario bros i would like to see a game like super mario world like seriously without the gimmicks we never got another game like mario3 felt a certain way but smw was the absolute pinnacle of the whole thing mario 64 n odyssey dont count their collect athon crap love the games but their boring mario is about running n jumpin challenging platforming not collecting 900 moons

  8. Haywood Jablomy

    Sounds like a bullshit excuse to sell old games for full price and NOT come out with new shit. Or ports of better games like gta or COD ect. An excuse to be lazy and make money at the same time. Meanwhile shitting on their fans

  9. Chris C

    there's no problems with ports as long as they're 1. worth it 2. making new games along with it. it's frustrating when you're paying 60 for 2d platformers and they're not making new games. the triple a games out still only are mario odyssey, zelda and smash.

  10. Joshua Calkins

    I avoided the Wii U and I've bought Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Bayonetta 2&1 for Switch. And the only other Wii U port I want is Pikmin 3. Trying to play the other Pikmin games in standard def is a big drag.

  11. seth mishne

    they are only doing this as a way to make more money. they know people will buy them again on the switch. i don't need wiiu ports on the switch. i did not buy a switch for that reason. they need to be discounted and not be full price if they are going to port wiiu games to switch. i am not a fan of that practice.

  12. Monolith Fan

    Here is a simple fact of the matter: Wii U sold less then 20 million in its lifetime. And not everyone was willing to get the console and I had a Wii. NIntendo switch has sold 14 million within 1 year. A LOT of people who have never owned a nintendo console is buying it and people buying it for kids who never had the wiiu. Hence the ports are popular because most people have NOT played the games and not everyone can buy every single game and console that comes to market like you guys do. You seem very disconnected to the average joe when it comes to finances and gaming.

  13. RetroWolf88

    I honestly don't mind the ports for 3 reasons…1. Most of these games are games I missed out on or played very little and being able to experience them for the 1st time on the Switch is incredible. 2. In a perfect world I want almost ALL games to come to Switch. Including ports. The more games we get, whether they be old games, new games, indie games, or ports…more games equals a larger library and more stuff to play and variety. That is a good thing as long as we don't get flooded with too much Shovelware (which exists on all playforms). And 3. I LOVE collecting for the Switch so the more physical releases the better for me as a collector!

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