Things to Do with Google Home Assistant on Home Hub & Mini That You May Not Know

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30 Replies to “Things to Do with Google Home Assistant on Home Hub & Mini That You May Not Know”

  1. Jeff Chapman

    I have the hub and have given away a few minis – love the system a lot BUT although I have gotten routines to work by voice beautifully, getting scheduled routines to run is a hit-or-miss affair. Has anyone else had trouble or success with scheduled routines?

  2. anthony rossetti

    I bet nobody knew you can video call your GHH from your phone even if they are both logged in to the same google account
    But you can only do it from google assistant there is no option from phone or contacts to do it which is very strange
    You have to say ok google ,video call home
    But from the ghh you can not say "hey google,video call my phone" it wont work , but if you add your own name to contacts with your mobile phone number then you can ask the ghh to video call "your name " and your phone will ring with an incoming google duo video call
    Too bad google half assed the ghh though and didnt put in a camera though ,oh well maybe in september they will make a new one that is identical but that has a camera with a physical shutter

  3. Steven Dekker

    it's great to connect it to an IR blaster so it can turn on your television or stereo. I'd also like to set a timer to turn (e.g. the radio) off again so I can just go to sleep with music. I also use it to wake me up. I use the stereo cause the mini doesn't really sound good

  4. Krazyhorse

    Wow they have different accents for the Mini? Being in the US we say highway not motor way, and she has a accent. I have a friend with a s9+ and he said Bixby is useless "he's from the deep south" it can't understand my accent. I told him cause how he speaks so slowly it maybe a timing out issue. I've noticed, not being from the south if I pause to find the word I want it will not respond or incorrectly.

  5. Brian

    One of the features that you mentioned was the sound effects that play on the Google home hub when you've asked for the weather. Rather than finding it enjoyable, I'd like to find a way to turn it off. I enjoy the option of "continued conversation" on my home mini and I'm surprised that it's not an option on the home hub.

  6. Elizabeth Pauly

    I love the Google home hub. At night I have a routine to turn off the living room lights and then turn on my bedroom light by saying "Let's get ready for bed.". Then when I'm in bed, I say, ok Google, play You Version. And it reads me my Bible plan for the month.

  7. believeidiomas

    Something I use a lot.
    Ok, google remind me to …… at …. .

    Example: remind me to call mom at 6:00 p.m . Remind me to buy milk every 5 days. remind me to take my medication tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.
    or you can say: ok, google set a reminder. It will ask questions about it.

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