These 8 Everyday Alexa Skills will BLOW YOUR MIND!!

You’re wasting your life. Yes, you. But luckily, this is going to be one of those rare times when watching something will actually give you more time, rather than less. These useful little Alexa skills will help you simplify your chaotic life. Turn your echo into the ULTIMATE SMART HOME.

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1. Find Phone – 0:48
– Find My Phone Skill –

2. Tune Guitar – 1:13
– Guitar Tuner Skill –

3. Free Calls & Announcement/Drop in 1:55
– No Skill Enabling Required

4. Alarms w/ music & reminders – 3:45
– No Skill Enabling Required

5. Stream via Bluetooth/Entertainment System – 4:30
– Audible Audiobooks –

6. Control smart home devices – 5:49
– Nest Thermometer –
– RGB Smart Light –
– Ring Alarm System –
– Roomba 671 –

7. Order online – 6:09
– No Skill Enabling Required

8. Work out coach – 6:56
– 7 Minute Workout Skill –

Any more to add to this list?

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mounted on this thing
small drone –

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39 Replies to “These 8 Everyday Alexa Skills will BLOW YOUR MIND!!”

  1. madalin bujor

    "please mute your alexas" well… No.. It's your job as a content producer to make it suitable for us to watch it. There are people like me who watch YouTube on TV in the living room, and have virtual assistants in each room. So for an 8 minutes video me as an user shouldn't go round the house, mute my devices and go again to undo it after you video. It's easier for everyone if you mute the word in your video like everyone else does in their videos

  2. Joseph Dragan

    Great job. Was fun and informative!
    Mike is there any way to make Echo read aloud my Audible book through all Dots at the same time?
    I mean synchronized like group music playing in several different rooms together. Thanks

  3. Quan

    This has horrible reviews… Click the link to view them. Glad I clicked the reviews and not purchased based on this video. He would have sold it to me based on his energy. ??

  4. Amanda Geyer

    Stumbled across this, turned off my spot to watch the vid, upvoted and subscribed, because I think I'll enjoy the content of the other stuff, too. Thanks for a great video here 🙂

  5. Tammy Low

    I really like your video because it is very fast and just hits the highlights but my personal taste is to just tone it down just a little bit…but love you content!

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