Theresa May squirms as Julian Lewis grills her about Huawei

If you were wondering what made Theresa May do this face: 🥴

It was Julian Lewis grilling her on Huawei hours before she sacked Gavin Williamson for allegedly leaking it!

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20 Replies to “Theresa May squirms as Julian Lewis grills her about Huawei”

  1. Jackie Cooksey

    ollie robins is sitting behind her with his hand up her back working her mouth. toxic tessie the idiot has to go. she and her gang have been out manoeuvred by a bunch of pissheads in Brussels. Kick her out now and leave without a deal for the love of god.

  2. Count Daedalus

    There is no such thing as a private company in a communist country you fucking lying bitch. Companies in China are all controlled by the Communist Government. The majority of the members of the NPC are representatives of businesses.

    Your record on national security is autistic screeching about threats from Russia which don’t exist, arresting innocent citizens in your own country for offensive social media posts, and staging fake far right terrorism attempts with the nonexistent, government funded boogeyman National Action.

  3. Russian Bot

    I'll probably be alive for another 50 years or so and I will never vote Tory, Labour or Lib dems again after what they've done over Brexit. Disgusting, worthless, treasonous scum. I wish them all a painful death.

  4. Russian Bot

    Why does she always pull that disgusting gremlin face when she gets embarrassed. She's the worst leader imaginable, she has no redeeming qualities. She's prime minister of the country and can't even control her body language. Repulsive creature.


    She came to visit my school in February in Sonning (where she’s from). Me and my fellow politics students were allowed a 15 mins q&a with her and she even avoided questions with us! There was one question which she couldn’t dodge which was what she thought her biggest achievement was, and she just said the modern slavery act… which obviously would only actually affect very few people.

    One of my questions was what she thought about trade and military alliance with the EU and the US post brexit, and which ally was more important, she basically ended up telling me what I already know: that EU was our biggest trading partner and that the US is our biggest military ally.

  6. James Murphy

    We should call her Teflon Theresa – She's so hard to remove and as slippery and slimy as an eel and That's her Good points. To call her a Snake would be a Compliment.

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