the Xbox Switch Controller

This is the cheapest wireless Switch pro controller we could find. Is it any good?

$25 Wireless Switch Controller –
PowerA Switch Controllers –
Hori Switch Gamecube Controller –
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller –


???Stuff I Use???

Game Capture:

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24 Replies to “the Xbox Switch Controller”

  1. Waluigi Time

    This is the Nintendo switch controller I use whenever in TV mode, when it's in handheld mode I use the joy-cons attached to the console, and this controller is really good, and I'm so happy I bought it

  2. Phantom Wolfy

    Honestly, got this after I got an actual Pro controller so I'd have other controllers for others to use; and honestly it's a great controller, it actually DOES have motion controls and they were pretty dang responsive when playing BOTW. The only fault I could give to this $25 wireless controller with rumble and gyro controls is that it doesn't have enough weight for me to enjoy holding it. Only issue.

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