The Xbox One X Has Officially Been Discontinued…

The Xbox One X and Xbox One S All Digital has officially been discontinued. This was confirmed with a statement from Microsoft to the Verge. I was a little surprised it was even mentioned by Microsoft since I figured it would be quietly phased out as discussed in my previous video back in April. Let’s talk about Microsoft’s plans now and their possible lineup going into next gen.

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21 Replies to “The Xbox One X Has Officially Been Discontinued…”

  1. Spawn Von Chevon

    This is the exact answer I needed. I kept trying to find out if the Xbox One S would be discontinued. I'm glad it's not, I'm trying to get one and don't want to lower my chances. Also I'm confused, is the Xbox Series S only going to be digital or what? I hope not because I would like to upgrade eventually but I hate the digital consoles.


    Bro No! I'm going to upload a video on my Channel on The Xbox 1 X Because What a lot of people don't know is that the 1 X literally will hold up to 16 Terabyte external hard drive maybe more and I have a 10 TB One and Literally over 1,000 games and the down fall on the new series X is because of the ssd speed aspect with this quick resume the information I received shows that you won't be able to play the games off of a external hard drive that's expandable like the One X can hold and Honestly I Got my Console modified to were it literally moves as fast as the new series X honestly sometimes faster I can load games I'm seconds Microsoft knows they had a Gem 💎 with the one X and I think people don't realize what the one x is really capable of I will upload the video thanks for the video.😁.👍.

  3. Brown Barbie

    I think it was dumb for microsoft to discontinue the xbox one x. They should ceased production for the s and rename the one x into a different name and shorten the price $100 less. 1080p is a obsolete resolution its need around for over 12 years and most televisions are 4k standard.

  4. Lord Kuku

    I finally realized another reason why the XB1 series was discontinued. Whats to stop MS sending out updates to people little by little that will eventually crash the XB1, XB1S or XB1X to make them go buy a XBSS or XBSX. As sneaky as MS is I wouldn't put it pass them to recoup some of the loss money from each console sold.

  5. Jason X

    This console was so so pointless. I love mine, but they hyped it and then basically took a big shit on it. Even though it’s still an Xbox One it should still have the power to play next gen games. I don’t believe in all the talk of cross gen games for the next year or two. Microsoft has a history of telling lies. I won’t waste money on the series x because they will do the same to it and have a 2-3 lifespan before the mid gen comes along. Probably called Series Double XX or something like that. Perhaps it’s time for a PC

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