The Wii’s *Awful* Prototypes

The Wii is Nintendo’s best selling home console, thanks in large part to its unique controllers. But, these controllers went through a lot of prototypes, some which were pretty terrible. (Here’s a taster: Cheddar Cheese.) So, journey with me through the history of this controller along with the Wii itself!

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NOTE: Parts of this story may have been dramatised/expanded upon for narrative effect. This video is not a substitute for original research.


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41 Replies to “The Wii’s *Awful* Prototypes”

  1. Capuchino Sofia

    Lmao imagine pitching a new idea to a group of nine people and they are speaking in a foreign language discussing every passing second more and more heatedly until the boss shouts and then….

    They accept your idea.

    Gosh I can feel the anxiety the poor guy must have felt

  2. Methodological Atheist

    Nintendo inventing motion control is a myth. First of all, it seems like Nintendo history completely forgot about the Power Glove. But motion controls predate even that. This patent is would refer to a specific style of motion control.

    Also, the nunchuck is basically just the middle handle of the N64 controller. So it wasn't designed from scratch.

  3. jimbox114

    I wish they had just went with a stronger system. Would be nice to play a Nintendo console that doesn't feel like its a gen behind its competitors. Far as the Wii Motion controls the only games I ever enjoyed using those controls with was on the wii sports disc. Most games were just more difficult to control because of them.

  4. N ROOD

    the wii did good enough to get my mother who was in her 60s who hadnt played any video games since late 70s with atari with my oldest brother when he was about 10. and that was about 78 around when i was born. she was into games. but she got a wii for bowling and a few other or those wii sport games. and has been doing great with it since. so im happy a video game maker made something my mom enjoyed.

  5. Ben van Broekhuijsen

    The Wii was basically a game cube with the wii motes added. So there was no compromising on graphics or anything. They just put the GC in a different case and added the wii mote functionality. The GC was smaller than the Wii, the Wii is only this big because of the DVD drive that needs space.

    It was a brilliant move to reiterate the same hardware and yet make it a completely new experience.

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