The Ultimate Smart Light Setup? [Philips Hue Play Setup] | The Tech Chap

Is this the ultimate smart light setup? I show you how to SETUP & show off the brand new Philips Hue Play smart lights and the latest Hue App 3.0 – all the options you have to completely transform your room! Hue App 3.0: | Hue Play: Currently available at Argos & Amazon.

This video is sponsored by Philips Hue.

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24 Replies to “The Ultimate Smart Light Setup? [Philips Hue Play Setup] | The Tech Chap”

  1. Psycrow

    One of my lights dont want to work like ambi lights just keeps glows white..and when i play games then they barly light up compared to what they can glow up with,,its like when you play games then they go below 30 % light glow…im so angry now i wish i could kick phillips in the ahole

  2. Philfy Phil

    Great site and video (just subscribed). I just wish I could be as enthusiastic about the Phillips hardware and app! It's one of the most buggy pieces of software / hardware I ever used! First of all I should explain. I am an IT manager with about 30 years of experience in the industry so I know how to set up this kind of thing and work out when an issue is caused by another source. I'm also fully aware the solution as a whole being reliant on the stability of the home wireless network, something that many people don't quite grasp. however, I am always finding spurious issues. For example, a few times I have gone to dim a light with the slider and the slider just will not move, yet I can switch it on and off. So I then have to go in to the more detailed view and use the slider in there. It will turn on and off but nothing will shift that slider. Also, one of three lights suddenly does not react to an instruction any more, it stays on whilst the others switch off. However, it dims fine! most mornings, the lights all come on in a dimmed state as per instruction, yet some mornings one is up full! The list is endless. Why on earth does the app sometimes show 'not responding' against an individual bulb, yet when a room instruction is sent, it responds as a member of all three for that room? (usually!). In complete contrast, the TP-Link hardware and software works flawlessly all the time straight out of the box, either with the excellent included app or via Alexa. I tend to benchmark all software of this kind against Sonos, which in my view is the best hardware and software ever released. It just works. the TP-Link setup wizard is on a par with Sonos, it's simple, intuitive and it works first time and all the time. You said it all in the video, "sometimes you need to enter the serial number"! Need I say more!?

  3. Ian Smith

    Ordered these from Amazon UK a few weeks ago when YouTube was suddenly full of rave reviews. After weeks of waiting finally got an email from Amazon "Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available." Philips seem very much like DJI – couldn't organise a p**** in a brewery with regard to getting shipping on items people want right.

  4. Stefan Leemans

    Nice video bro. Do you think I would benefit a lot to get a twinpack + a single one of the play bars, when attaching them behind my monitor? So you'll have 3 addressable colors, two to the sides and one to the top? Mainly for hue sync/gaming

  5. Max Haddon

    Do you think it is too much to have two of them on the back of my 27-inch monitor (in the same way you have yours mounted on your monitor)? Is there not enough gap between them because I don't have an ultrawide monitor or would it be ok?

  6. damysticalone87

    Maybe you should turn those nice spot-lights 180° degrees arround, make them shine at the wall instead of into the eyes (ofc that only works if the back of those spot-lights doesn't look ugly and still can hide its connection cable.), coz eyes starring directly at light is not good, try if that would be better and tell us if so. Just a suggestion. I call that active/direct light-(source)- and passive/indirect light-(source)output, you know active when light is shining directly at your eyes and passive when light has been reflected before like by a wall. Same for TV's led lights – make the led lights behind you to shine towards TV instead of from TV to your eyes.

    *Edit: Oh, you already did that in the video, haha okay nice man nvm.

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