The Ultimate Retro Gaming Console in 2019 | NVIDIA Shield TV

After years of searching, I’ve found an incredible way to play classic games on HD and 4K displays. The NVIDIA Shield TV may not be the newest device on the market, but the emulation community has turned the Shield into one of the best emulator and retro gaming systems you can buy today.

If you’d like to learn more about the Shield TV and setting one up for emulation check out these videos:

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    So this video was intended to be a review of the Shield TV as an all in one emulator console. If you guys are looking for a step by step how to video please check out the description above for links from other creators like ETA Prime. (highly recommended).

  2. sultaa86

    I must say, i'm a big fan of gathering all my old consoles and games into one single device and make it as easy as possible to access those games without standing up from my chair. I love retro gaming. Although i love nextgen games too. This here seems like a pretty cool idea. But i heard of this retroarch thing recently. And that seems way simpler than having to buy a complete new television and setting stuff up.

  3. Käj Jorgensen

    PlayStation runs like a champ on my Raspberry Pi 3b—even with enhanced resolution. It’s N64 that leaves much to be desired in that case—but the Shield TV looks like a winner with respect to GameCube and Dreamcast. Thanks for the video!

  4. Justin General

    Wouldn't you expect the makers of the best graphics cards on the market to make a badass console? Why is this thing so weak?? Never heard of this chipset and it plays retro games? Why doesn't Nvidia make their console with a 2080 in it??? They have them. It's mind boggling.

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