The ULTIMATE Mavic 2 Aerial HYPERLAPSE Tutorial

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro, the latest in DJI’s lineup (along with the Mavic 2 Zoom), is an incredible drone! One of the coolest features it has is the ability to quickly capture awesome aerial hyperlapses. We’ve been putting this drone through the paces for the last week, and we’ve put together this tutorial on how to get the best hyperlapses possible with this drone.

The tutorial is a bit on the long side, but I wanted to be thorough and cover everything that I thought would be helpful to get great hyperlapses.

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer.

I have several more videos coming up where I’ll delve into other features of the Mavic 2 Pro, including a more thorough post-processing workflow tutorial, so please come back for that!

33 Replies to “The ULTIMATE Mavic 2 Aerial HYPERLAPSE Tutorial”

  1. Rodrigo Aparicio

    Hi Matt… Wow!!!! your work is awesome . I really like your visual quality and also the rhythm of your explanations. I have a problem with my Mavic 2 Shooting, especially with my hyperlapses, I´m getting a lot of noise or flickering in my videos and I know how to use NEAT VIDEO but I want to ask you if I can get rid off this noise while setting my camera…any thoughts. In advanced thank you very much

  2. Sean Haverstock

    Hi Matt, thanks for the video. WIth the waypoint settings, does it fly the exact same course the drone flew while you set the waypoints? Meaning, do I have to fly the exact path I want, or does it simply smooth out the course between the waypoints automatically?

  3. MostlyCreativeVideos

    @BlueMantleFilms Thank you for the very informative video. I was wondering could you clarify something. You mention at 3:42 a suggested 1/4 shutter speed and then later you mention that settings for photo should be adjusted before entering hyperlapse mode. Does this mean that the previous settings will be retained when entering hyperlapse mode? At 6:20 you go on to explain that the longest exposure setting in within hyperlapse mode is 1/30.

    Many thanks

  4. NioTripleX

    Great Job! I really enjoyed the details… I just subscribed and look forward to viewing more tutorials on drones, and Lightroom. Oh! The video clips at the start looked awesome!

  5. funbunontherun - Travel Videos

    This video is awesome! We live in Pittsburgh so your thumbnail definitely caught our eye. Just purchased the Mavic Zoom 2. Attempting to fly her tomorrow. A little nervous! You mentioned those certifications in the beginning… are we aloud to fly in Pittsburgh!? If you ever want to start a vlog/drone/YouTube club, we’re on board haha. ✌? – Danielle

  6. Didrik Falinski

    Hey! Very cool hyperlapses. I have an little issue here. When i try hyperlapse In windy condittions It will be very Shaky. When I tri hyperlapse In very calm wind condittions IT gets smoth but you cannot see any movements of the skyes.

  7. Max Brindamour

    @0:22 how do you go from day to night in the exact position? Did you match it up with coordinates or is there a way to set points for getting the same shot? Thanks in advance – best drone tutorials I’ve found yet!

  8. beyackabiotch

    Lots of ND filters now for Pro 2. Any favorites, reviews? I read some reviews talk about threading on the filters. That is confusing as the Hasselblad camera is square shaped. I dont see any threads around the actual camera and assume Pro 2 filters are snap on. The Mavic Pro has friction fit filters, not threads.

  9. Patrick Guerrisi

    How do you do a long timelapse with the limitation of only 25 mins real flight time ? Wouldnt battery change over make it hard to get the mavic back up and make it continue in the same location and camera angle ?

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