The UGLY Truth Behind Electric Vehicle Conversions

In this episode we take a detailed look behind Tesla swaps and EV conversions in general.

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44 Replies to “The UGLY Truth Behind Electric Vehicle Conversions”

  1. evoman44

    After seeing just how much costs is required for an electric set up I now see the 2024 Toyota MR2 that might be either all electric or hybrid a good deal at the estimated $45,000. Plus it will have full working systems.

  2. scottthewaterwarrior

    Only reason I'd want to convert an ICE car to electric is because I want to drive a car with a clutch forever. So I probably have ~30 years before gas stations going away and I have to worry about all this.

  3. A Netizen

    That's it Rich … Just crush my heart on a Saturday like that.? Sooo… I guess that 1965 Lincoln 4 door convertible EV conversion I have been fantasizing about for years is simply out of the question right?

  4. Neil Caulfield

    Me and my friends started looking at prices to convert a 1985 MR2 to electric, we immediately decided against it when we started adding up parts costs, before even factoring in all the fabrication and amenities integration

  5. 18magicMARKer

    Rich STFU, you can go to a salvage auction and get a tesla for under $20k and you can get all that creature comfort. Any idiots knows if you have someone else do remove the old shit and put something new its going to cost you double! The whole point of this stupid channel is so that you do it yourself.

  6. David Webb

    I am absolutely baffled by the desire to remove people from doing everything that is so prevalent today. Are the people doing it not considering the consequnces of their actions? Like the nuclear bomb builders does it not occur to them what they're doing? AI makes us obsolete, something that a lot of the elite are delighted about. I know tech can be interesting but think what you're doing.

  7. squee222

    If you insist on converting a newer vehicle, do a hybrid, and then it's much easier to integrate things – but also have some engineering and electronics know how – and in that case it makes more sense to just get a PHEV

  8. Allen Loser

    You spend money to reduce the market value of a valuable collector car when you convert it to electric. You spend more on the conversion than the car will be worth when you are done.

  9. Kragatar

    It looks to me like you're making this way harder and way more expensive than it needs to be…
    With some proper electrical knowledge and engineering skills I'm fairly certain you could covert/build an electric car for pretty damn cheap. Hell you could run one on a fuckton of rechargeable AA batteries if you were so inclined.

  10. sparkimoto

    I've never had an interest in converting a gas powered car to electric. But given all of the little things most people might overlook, like power steering, brakes, AC, lights, stereo, etc, an alternative would be to compromise and not go 100% electric. You could install a small engine to power all of that stuff which you would run while driving. And then any extra electricity generated, after powering all of that, could be used to charge the main battery cells. So, for example, you might use a motor from a common type backup AC generator, but convert it so it charges 12V DC. That may not work for charging the main batteries as I don't know what type of voltage is used on Tesla motors. But you get the idea! And the upside to this would be that you could get extra range because, you'd have that gas powered on board generator. How much extra would depend on the power output of the gas motor and the size of the fuel tank.

  11. BrandGSX

    Things I learned from this video and a little searching locally. Nissan leaf parts are way more affordable and have more power than the AC50. Granted I live in Japan where the parts are maybe easier to come by. Not to say they are better for a custom install (I have no clue), simply more affordable, by a large margin.

  12. sirkastic

    As a driver I'm already taking a concession with a reduced driving range and less places to charge than regular gas stations. Get the conversion price down to around $4000 then we'll talk

  13. Aaron .J

    Well that went down hill fast lol. Might as well stick with a gas engine or diesel for the time being until prices drop more. I mean your pretty much the cost of 2 Chevy Bolt EVs or a Tesla Model 3 (higher end too) or a lower end Model S. You could have bought a 1000hp Helephant crate engine twice for the electric conversion.

  14. Sebastian Latray

    Of course is going to be exponentially expensive if you just keep throwing money at the problem if you're smart and take your time and buy components piece by piece doesn't have to be Tesla and if you have enough knowledge it can be as cheap as $10,000 to convert a vehicle and yes you will lose amenities if the end goal is just to save money in fuel costs you will otherwise do what I did and buy a Chevy Volt they are extremely cheap cheap as $9000

  15. Talisman1957

    Guess I should have kept the RX3 I had back in college that I converted to electric for under $2000, that had a heater, a stereo and would go about 30 miles on batteries alone, or with the generator running about 125 mpg. But, I got the electric motor for $100, and the cabling for $50, and built my own controller for $150 of surplus components. The most expensive component was the batteries – and back in 1978, all that was available were deep cycle lead acid.

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