The Tesla Model 3 Is Actually UNDER-HYPED!—2018 Tesla Model 3 Review

WOW! I can’t believe I got the opportunity to review a Tesla Model 3! Thanks to the owner Nick and massive thanks to Frank over at New Image! If you live in the DFW metroplex or anywhere in Texas and you want to protect you cars paint, hit them up! They will make your car look as good as the Model 3 in this video!

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Arc North – Meant To Be (ft. Krista Marina)

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35 Replies to “The Tesla Model 3 Is Actually UNDER-HYPED!—2018 Tesla Model 3 Review”

  1. 12sex2b

    I'm definitely adding this video to my top favorites of myplaylists. With that being said, the Model 3 Tesla is an excellent product for the driving world. I'd love to buy one.

  2. Paul T

    If your own Google maps account pins could be shown on the screen it would be amazing to navigate to one of many saved locations around the country

  3. LN Dean

    Im so in love with my LR RWD Teala Model 3 with 18' sport wheels. I was a taken back about spending over 60k for a car, but it's by far the best decision I could of made.

  4. L C

    How many would use a tesla easter egg that pipes a v8 rumble in the cabin? I smile when i learned BMW and Jag are doing that… Tesla can call it "Legacy Engine Mode"

  5. Marc H

    I've had my T3 for a little over a week now. The delivery experience and customer service was absolutely abysmal. I do understand that Tesla is in a logistics nightmare!

    Anyway, in spite of everything, I believe that this is by far the best car that I have ever owned! Period! Range, performance, handling, style, and tech I ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I'm 64 years old, love hot rods, German performance cars, and just cars in general! I have owned and driven some incredible cars over my lifetime! But this car is beyond belief!!!!

    If anything, the vehicle is UNDER PRICED!

    The best comparison that I can make to this vehicle is a twin turbo BMW 335i!
    Let's see how the car holds up? Time will tell, but from what I can see is that the fit and finish is just as good, if not better than a BMW 3 series! Hopefully is will be more reliable?

    Tesla needs to step up and make a priority of fixing their delivery problems and improving their customer service! If they make these improvements, they will be unbeatable!

    I'm loving my T3 and learning more new and amazing things about it every day!

  6. Hei Li

    Dude, why don't you talk about the overly stiff suspension that can make someone sick? This car is less comfortable than my 1998 E36 BMW. Something like this shouldn't be in a "luxury car".

  7. Glen Bledsoe

    The silent quality of the Tesla is part of its magic. I've never been impressed with the sound of guys revving their car motors. Like you, I’m impressed with the graceful technology. We're expect our 3 in the next couple of months. It's like expecting a new baby.

  8. czvet534

    Fantastic automobile and your true product enthusiasm for it comes shinning thru. You're a great salesman. Now all I need is money. Also really love that shine, what a great job they did detailing.

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