The TELLO has a New App & it is Amazing!

Like many of you, I have not used my Tello in a long while. This new App from VOLATELLO breaths new life back into this tiny drone. The App can be found on the Google Play store:

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26 Replies to “The TELLO has a New App & it is Amazing!”

  1. john hardy

    Ok I ordered one last night, it should be here in an hour or two now. This is the second drone you made me buy now, ha haa. Couldn't afford a mini last year so got an eachine ex4 which I still love but shouldn't fly right now in lockdown, and can't afford a mini 2 this year now we can fly sub 250g from our garden and other places we couldn't before and not bigger ones at the minute at all so the tell it shall be. Seems a great indoor and garden flyer while that's my only flight options.

  2. john hardy

    I nearly thought you made this on April 1st. A return to home on a drone with no GPS that actually works? I've seen it claimed, had a couple of toys that claimed to do so but went anywhere but. Lol. This amazed me.

  3. charlie

    My brother gave me this drone for Christmass .After watching this guy it is more complicated than before. I guess that since he is so experienced it leaves us guys out of the circle.

  4. Parishna

    I also found a funny little windows 10 app that connects to the tello and lets you control it from your PC/Laptop. Drooone. looks potentially good if you're going to be using it more inside, than using a phone. You can use any controller mapped to buttons, or the keyboard itself to perform manoeuvres, etc. Which, tbh, is what I got this for. But it's much noisier than I'd anticipated, and my cats already hate me. ahhh cats.. who needs 'em…

  5. Parishna

    Cheers for letting me know about this app. Whilst it seems a wee bit funky in places, it is leaps above the default. I guess the major issue is no gps. But will be getting it when I am paid, and hopefully my controller arrives tomorrow because I just cannot use the phone and watch the thing, keeps flying into everything when in doors in a not so lit room. And the last thing I want is to take it out the back and test things out only for it to fly over the neighbours fence and get caught in a grumpy old buggers grasp… lol

  6. Eddy G

    What really cheeses me off is the original tello app keeps breaking every time my android phone updates its os. This app does not. Come on Ryze get your act together.

  7. John van Gurp

    I believe Volatello is the same as Tello FPV, which is such a great app! I tried using the stock Tello app after my Pixel 3 updated to Android 11 and it doesn’t even load. Ryze technical support replied to my messages with their standard answer that my phone isn’t supported, which seems ridiculous because it’s a modern Google phone, and they do support the Pixel 2. The only reason I went back to the stock app is that I can’t get Tello FPV to recognize my new GameSir TDs controller… it’s frustrating. It worked fine with the stock app before the Android update. All in all the Tello has been a lot of fun and a great introduction to drones, but I’ll be upgrading soon. Thanks for the great videos! So helpful!

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