The Stunning Evolution of PlayStation Hardware

The PlayStation brand is immensely important to gaming as a whole. It has an undeniable role in gaming history, as the success of the first PlayStation console stole thunder away from the dominance that Nintendo had established while quickly carving a large space for the PlayStation itself, and it has maintained that importance since its debut.

It is inarguably the most globally accessible console, and during the time in gaming when Nintendo hardware wasn’t considered “HD”, the PlayStation was often the platform of choice for high-end games from developers in Japan, in particular. As more news of the PlayStation 5 is upon us, let’s look at the evolution of PlayStation hardware across time.




23 Replies to “The Stunning Evolution of PlayStation Hardware”

  1. Christopher Quinn

    I think PlayStation should continue making handheld consoles. I would like for the next PlayStation to be able to read, play and rip CDs like the PlayStation 3 and support custom soundtracks. The next PlayStation should have complete backwards compatibility, playing games from PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and PS4.

  2. CJoseph Ferrerro

    I'm glad I found this channel amongst the rabbit hole that is YouTube. My fav is the ps2 but I have more memories with the baby ps1. Thank you for this nostalgia heavy video team gamingbolt 🙏

    Nuh uh. You're crying!

  3. Mark Hancock

    I've had a PlayStation, a PlayStation 2, a PlayStation 3, a PlayStation 4 and will be getting a PlayStation 5. I've always been a PlayStation player and forever will be a PlayStation player. I'm proud to be PLAYSTATION.

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