The SmartThings To Know About The App Migration

The SmartThings To Know About The App Migration

The SmartThings Classic App is nearly at it’s end (well…by nearly I mean it’ll be gone in a next year or so), and it’s time to start looking at migration to the new SmartThings app. I’ll provide the starts of a guide for the migration including why this is happening and what you can expect throughout the process. I also have a few links for you to use:

– Where you can find additional help with our friends!

– The official migration thread on the SmartThings boards.

– A great FAQ on the migration process.

Let’s get ready for the #smartthings #app #migration, and be ready for our video on Wednesday with the full walkthrough of the new application. It’ll be here:

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49 Replies to “The SmartThings To Know About The App Migration”

  1. FarmerBob

    I got tricked into loading a version of the new app 6-9 months ago and nothing but problems. Thankfully the Classic App still worked but once the "newer" app is installed, unless you are a primo hacker, you can't remove the parts that are screwing everything up. I had to wiped the device.

    All I see is Samsung dumping older hardware (pre2017) that until days ago worked just fine. Then all of a sudden Samsung TVs started failing with Alexa. Echo can turn them on but not "off". They say they "will support past iterations of hardware", pre2017, BUT I trust they LIE. Cuz Samsung does lie . . . a lot.

    Who knows of a better third-party app and system?!!!

  2. Steve Platt

    Getting ready to run the migrate this location script. From the instructions I cannot tell if I should have the new app installed and logged in before I run the script, or will it ask that after I run the banner… Or does it not matter… Thanks!

  3. btobin

    you touched on this a bit, but my biggest hang up to prevent my migration is worrying about WebCore working or being able to use it. I have been using WebCore for most of my automations since before it was called webcore and I have been really worried about migrating and finding out all of the in-depth customization I love will be gone or hard to access. 6 months later now from this video release, do you know more about the migration and how it handles complex migrations like webcore and virtual switches I made in the IDE? I recently got the banner prompting me to migrate and I have NOT wanted to click and commit. thanks Brian…even though you use the I instead of the Y 😉 Bry(i)an's got to stick together

  4. Paul

    Hello Brian, I did not even know that there still is another version, believe or not the old app found all of my lutron switches and dimmers that the new version couldn't. Thats why I purchased hubitat elevation that is the most confusing thing ever, getting that i had to purchase a PRO2 version of Caseta bridge cuz it wouldn't integrate with a regular bridge, all that because of not having the old app. SMH 🙈

  5. Bill Wolfe

    Hi Brian, I'm receiving the banner telling me to migrate to the new ST. You made a comment that concerns/effects me (~8:40 in your video) with respect to webCoRE and my Smart Home Monitor. I use a simple program in webCoRE to set my SHM to "stay" or "away"when I leave based on an open/close sensor (dogs put up, set away. Dogs loose, set stay). Am I going to lose this ability when i migrate? If so, is there another way to achieve this in the new app?

    I'll apologize ahead of time, I know nothing about the new ST app and I have reservations about converting as I'm not a power user and see a lot of headache in my near future.

  6. Totally Nuts

    I’m not sure if I’m ready for this. The new SmartThings app didn’t work aswell for smart apps as the classic. I do use alot of WebCoRE to. Also echo speaks ? Am I going to lose all the things I’m now used to in my smart home intergration ? Help !
    I’ve just received the migrate banner today 3/8/20….

  7. Pavel Dubovyk

    What is about notification? They just don't work in new app at all. and Samsung is ignoring all questions about this on community. So will we have something similar as we had in classic app? I mean nitificationevent or notification without push

  8. Jon Dugan

    Just got the message to migrate. If they do not have a device handler that works in the new app, will it tell me? I have ALOT of custom stuff, community stuff, RBoy stuff, Alexa routine virtual switches, just afraid of how this is going to go…..

  9. Carl Jacka

    Have you received your migration notice yet? I haven’t received mine.. I had a few issues with my classic app and needed assistance from SmartThings. The two issues went to two separate assistance departments to fix my issues. One was fixed and that department informed me not to change over until I get the notification. I was required a year ago to change to my Samsung account which I already had but never received the banner. The second department can't fix the other issue in classic app (even though it worked fine with the classic app for two years). They have suggested that I switch to the new app. Should I migrate now? Also, a third issue as come up lately and that is my Life360 is no longer working with the classic app.

  10. Super Nova

    This app change is not for every person…. If you have iOS …there will be no change…. it will still refer as same app from 2017… i notice a lot of people are confused…this is for Android API ….

  11. utuber1000

    Brian, I'm not sure I am posting this in the right place, but I think this is a really important question. I have been debating whether or not to integrate my Echo/Alexa system with SmartThings but this slow migration to the new app, coupled with Alexa getting more sophisticated by itself all the time, is making me wonder: Suppose I follow all these steps to integrate or switch to SmartThings but thereafter decide I no longer want SmartThings to be part of my home setup. How many steps and how much work would be involved in undoing all this integration should I choose to go back to just using Echo/Alexa? Or what if I choose to integrate Echo with a different hub system that might come out? Would it be a one-step process to un-integrate, or would I have to undo many, many steps? Or would I just unplug the SmartThings Hub, pitch it into a drawer and go back to Echo/Alexa as if nothing had ever been changed? I feel like this is a really important question, and would value your thoughts on this.

  12. Rj Miller

    What Smartthings needs is a tutorial for beginners….there is nothing to explain even what a Device Handler is, let alone how to use one.
    New users like me wonder how devices are used that arent supported…what's this, some devices just work fine that arent listed? What's this some work without the hub I bought, which ones?
    Does Samsung not want us buying other devices? Because wouldn't they lose out on profits when we buy cheap Chinese sensors?

  13. Paul Dunn Sr.

    I made a mistake! I thought i already had a Samsung account because i went to once before (regarding my appliances). It turned out i forgot my password. After I reset my Samsung pw it ended up logging me out of the SmartThings app. I have logged back into smartthings app on my phone with the Samsung credentials, even though you warned me not too! Can you tell me what i should do besides listen to your advice next time?

  14. Mike Hatley

    Nice job Brian, Just checked and there's only a couple devices not working well. home energy meter and my weather station. Got the get ready email a two weeks ago. looking for the next one. FYI Life360 is working. I noticed that there is a new device handler for it.

  15. Mike Bailey

    You have been sucked into the ST ecosystem. Please disclose. FYI I have been migrating to the new app for 5 months and it has been painful. You may want to look into 2nd vs 3rd gen hubs, works with does not mean it works with and so on. The new app is NOT ready for prime time and ST support is latent in responding and not listening when they do.

  16. CubanDre

    Thanks for explaining this. The forums and press release have been difficult to comb through for the things I use. Glad to hear all the things I am using will be working better. Local handlers ftw as well.

  17. Jake W

    i am using samsung connect home 3 pack and its smartthings hub function, i find the z wave exclusion is only available in the classic app, do you have any comment?

  18. louis viciedo

    Currently the “echo speaks” smart app that automates Alexa Guard status to “home/away” is only working in the classic app. Any insights as to if this automated feature work in the new SmartThings app?
    Possible workaround?

  19. Tony Valenti

    I just got a Samsung Smart Things for Christmas. Haven’t installed it yet. Assuming this won’t apply to me and that I just start off with the new app and don’t worry about Classic at all. Correct?

  20. Gilbert Gagnon

    With the recent Smarthings developments lately regarding more flexible automation configurations possible in new ST app, and the new ST web dashboard that has been teased in beta for last several months (supposed to be released any day now!), would you say we still need to setup ST complimentary tools like I'm just starting my ST journey and wonder if at this points it's worth investing all the energy in something like SharpTools for dashboarding and automation, or you think in near future ST will natively be getting most of these capabilities?

  21. Smart Home Solver

    Thanks Brian for the updates! All the smart apps being standardized and running locally is great news. I have liked the new SmartThings app lately and I feel optimistic about the future of SmartThings.

  22. Bradley Lauver

    So right now (classic app), I have a "Good Morning" routine that does a few things that I can't seem to make work in the new one. One thing is I can't figure out how to disarm the system… (I also have it turn off Blink cameras, reset a secure Alexa-driven arming mechanism in which Alexa has no ability to disable should it get hacked). So far I'm quite disappointed in the new SmartThings app.

  23. Peter Walker

    Maybe not the intended takeaway… but I figure I should completely remove any smartapps & device handlers I'm not really using, and delete any remaining pieces of them. Not sure if that'll help the migration, but my logic is to remove as much as possible.

  24. Tom M

    Hi Brian, I will be looking for this, thanks. I don't have many but a couple of things. I been very busy with several projects. #1 is my YouTube. should be out this week. Thanks to Tim Schmoyer's channel. You do a great job of explaining the what and how of these products. Until next time, cheers.

  25. David Wright

    I have begun my migration, but I have a question. Is the Smart Lighting app in the new app the same as in the Classic app. I have deleted all the smart lighting automations and all the routines in the classic app and made new scenes and automations in the new app. Will the Smart Lighting app in the new app be going away or have I just been wasting my time.

  26. Peter Eidegren

    Hi Brian,
    Great introductionvideo before the great migration will begin.

    I have started to dip my toes into this new sea of choices and I kind of like the new way of doing things.
    I have moved over my scenes and started to build up my new automations.

    I have also tried the new STHM and at the same time unchecked the senors in the SHM app so that the two do not compete with each other.
    Except for the ones that require a timed response (door open fine minutes, turn on light, and so on).

    You were saying the Life360 presence don't do well in the new app but I have without any problem gotten Life360 to work successfully triggering various scenes and automations.
    (I have posted my logic to get this to work on your AYL forum)

    Looking forward to the Wednesday video!!!

  27. burnzy3210

    yeah uh i did this months ago and the new app experience is totally broken. maybe 5% of my devices show up properly and apparently i need to call samsung to resolve this back end issue

  28. Matt Machado

    I've been considering swapping from smartthings to hubitat so I can run more things locally. Should I bite the bullet and jump or will the overall migration to more local control on smartthings lessen the difference? I don't have many automations set up just yet so it would be easier to make the jump now than, say, wait a year.

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