42 Replies to “The Samsung Galaxy S9 is Here”

  1. Austin Evans

    For the full HDR effect, load this up on an HDR TV with Chromecast Ultra or a newer Android flagship (Galaxy S8, Note 8, Pixel 2, etc). ? UltraWide monitors and widescreen phones like the iPhone X work pretty well too.

  2. Nathan Lord

    Samsung S9 or The iPhone X just kidding. That isn't even a question, The iPhone X is so much better than the S9. I'm sorry but the S9 isn't even as close to being better than the iPhone X because Samsung isn't good!

  3. Paul Power

    Hi Austin your comment on the colours available of the samsung s9 in America is very interesting !! Quote : " Personally i don't like the look of the blue especially when the light hits it looks really really nice " so you either like it or you dont ?? I find it strange .

  4. juz3871

    Took delivery of my S9 yesterday, my 1st foray into the world of android. Is there anyway to disable pop-up previews and just have a badge number to notify you when you have a WhatsApp message?. I have some fairly active WhatsApp groups and if I'm browsing the web, watching youtube, etc, basically doing anything on the phone at all its constantly previewing WhatsApp messages, toggling pop-ups off doesn't work, 2 minutes later they default back to on. If it can't be done its an absolute disaster, I can't believe anyone puts up with this – makes the phone almost un-usable. 🙁 HELP!

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