The Samsung Galaxy S9 is Here

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are the 2018 smartphones to beat.
Why Does an Android Flip Phone Exist?

This video was shot in 4K HDR in 21:9 widescreen on a Red Epic-W.


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  1. Austin Evans

    For the full HDR effect, load this up on an HDR TV with Chromecast Ultra or a newer Android flagship (Galaxy S8, Note 8, Pixel 2, etc). 🙌 UltraWide monitors and widescreen phones like the iPhone X work pretty well too.

  2. Nathan Lord

    Samsung S9 or The iPhone X just kidding. That isn't even a question, The iPhone X is so much better than the S9. I'm sorry but the S9 isn't even as close to being better than the iPhone X because Samsung isn't good!

  3. Paul Power

    Hi Austin your comment on the colours available of the samsung s9 in America is very interesting !! Quote : " Personally i don't like the look of the blue especially when the light hits it looks really really nice " so you either like it or you dont ?? I find it strange .

  4. Astryx_

    "the iphone playbook and included stereo speakers" they were not the first to do it or even perfect it, just saying this is sounding extremely fanboyish… HTC was doing this before anyone else

  5. juz3871

    Took delivery of my S9 yesterday, my 1st foray into the world of android. Is there anyway to disable pop-up previews and just have a badge number to notify you when you have a WhatsApp message?. I have some fairly active WhatsApp groups and if I'm browsing the web, watching youtube, etc, basically doing anything on the phone at all its constantly previewing WhatsApp messages, toggling pop-ups off doesn't work, 2 minutes later they default back to on. If it can't be done its an absolute disaster, I can't believe anyone puts up with this – makes the phone almost un-usable. 🙁 HELP!

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