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One of the world’s first drone delivery services is all the way in rural Rwanda, where 27 year-old Abdoul Salam Nizeyimana earns a living by launching and retrieving self-flying planes. Nizeyimana was drawn to not only the technology of his employer Zipline but also its mission: to deliver blood to remote hospitals, helping doctors save their patients’ lives. Like many in Rwanda, Nizeyimana survived a harrowing tragedy to get to where he is today.

This is the third episode of “Next Jobs,” a series about careers of the future hosted by Bloomberg Technology’s Aki Ito.

Host, Producer: Aki Ito
Camera: Gloria Kurnik
Producers: Leila Hussain and David Nicholson
Editors: Alan Jeffries and Victoria Daniell
Writers: Aki Ito and Alan Jeffries
Fixer: Eric Kabera

38 Replies to “The Rwandan Medical Drone Delivery Pilot | NEXT JOBS”

  1. Amazing World

    Zipline Drone, the innovator of this delivery system is a US venture-backed startup. It's misleading since the company with it's noble use cases of its product just happens to use Rwanda as a guinea pig pilot project to go 'live'. Rwanda govt is just more open as a test pilot since it has less aviation rules to get by. But yes, the technology were developed, manufactured and refined in the Silicon Valley largely by veteran roboticists, a Stanford PhD and a MIT grad.

  2. Gregory Johnson

    I work with a fellow from Rawanda.. maybe twice a month he suffers flashbacks.. never mind the details, let me just say, he goes back every year to honor his, mother. Grandma, Grandpa, Father, all his aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.. he is the last of his blood line … he’s a true blessing to be around…

  3. David Davidson

    The video is quite misleading. They make it seem like he's the one who invented and built the drones when in actuality all he does is put the plane together. The inventors was 3 dude bros from California who decided it was cheaper to train Africans to launch the drones.

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