The “Roomba” of the Microworld

Hey there! I present you the “Roomba” of the microworld, Bursaria truncatella. This is one of the biggest single-celled organisms. They can be seen with the naked eye and some of these behemoths can be almost 2 millimeters long! ?
They are like the vacuum cleaners, they sweep the other organisms into their extremely wide mouth and swallow them ?. Cell surface is cover with tiny hair-like structures called cilia, cilia used for locomotion and also their beating create a current that brings possible prey into the mouth.
At the beginning of the video, an unlucky single-celled called Paramecium swims right into the mouth of the giant and gets eaten by Bursaria truncatella. ? Can you see how the Paramecium is taken inside the cell? It is wrapped by a membrane during the process and formed a food vacuole. Afterwards this food vacuole will be filled with digestive enzymes and Paramecium will be digested. Vicious world isn’t it? These things are happening all around you, in puddles, lakes, rivers, ponds… But still I feel so lucky to witness it and thank you for joining me. ❤️
200, freshwater.
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