The Rarest SNES Games Ever Released

What are the rarest and most expensive Super Nintendo games of all time? Why are classic SNES games like Earthbound so hard to find today? Can anything in this collection compete with the Nintendo World Championships golden cartridge? All these questions answered as we take a look at the rarest SNES games ever released.

The Rarest NES Games:
The Rarest PlayStation Consoles:
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“Stan’s Epic Space Adventure” By Arcane Toaster ►

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35 Replies to “The Rarest SNES Games Ever Released”

  1. Guido H

    I was looking for a game i used to play, i cant remember the name, in the game you were in a living room and you could click on some parts, and play like minigames, one of them was learning how to drive for example. I cant find it

  2. bryantaylor9874

    Fun piece is trivia you may enjoy. The very short lived Jay and Silent Bob cartoon I believe was titled Clerks, made the very first episode a clip show. So the entire episode was flashbacks to that episode. Got all meta inception with flashbacks within flashbacks within another flashback but after hearing ur Game of Thrones simile I thought u might get a laugh from it. Can't be too hard to find online. Only made a couple episodes and I think the first and maybe the second were actually shown on tv before being canceled. Enjoy!

  3. Ultra Healthy Video Game Nerd

    It may not be eligible for a list like this because it was unlicensed, but Hong Kong 97 is one of the rarest games for the system and in all of gaming history. Only one physical copy has ever been located. And I own it. Don't believe it? Come to my channel or search 'Ultra Healthy Video Game Nerd' to see the real thing.

  4. what benny

    Still have my Super Scope, still have my large-box Earthbound, still have all my games in the boxes. So cool to see there are other enthusiasts out there. SNES was the golden age of video games for me. It's like telling someone you have Karnov, Willow, or The Magic Of Scheherezade, or even Maniac Mansion still in the box for NES. Early 90's, a kid, playing video games, great time to be alive!!!

  5. Tarks Gauntlet

    Hagane, EVO, Aero fighters. Any of these could have easily replaced earthbound on the list. You kind of conflated worth with rarity when it came to earthbound. Earthbounds not a rare game, just a pricey one.

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