The RAREST Consoles From My Gaming Collection!

Over the years I’ve collected quite a few rare consoles and rare handhelds. From Nintendo (and no not the Switch) to Sega to Japanese only companies, these are the 6 rarest retro gaming consoles and handhelds I’ve picked up over the years and the story about how I got them!

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  1. jay john

    I saw a super rare system. I was at a flea market and was kidnapped by several Japanese men in 1960… they said they heard I was a super special guy, I nodded in agreement. They showed me something electronic that showed some guy with a red hat on a tv (it turned out to be mario). They told me to swear a blood oath that id never tell a soul. There were samarais, yukaza gang members and a young sigiru miyamoto… man what a rush!!!

  2. StarwarsSammler

    Wooonderful Collection. Very Nice.
    A Question, have you the rarest Game Console of the World ? The BSS01 ( RFT TV Spiel / Bildschirmspiel 01 ) a secret Projekt of the Communist Party in 1979 ? Were produzed 988 Pieces ! ! ! ! Today 200 worldwide ! ! ! !
    Two Variants of the BSS01
    800 Pieces Black Color Today 160 Pieces Worldwide
    188 Pieces White Color Today 40 Pieces Worldwide
    Secret Agents smuggels 1979 a Amercan Chip of the oother Side, in the Communist World. Was very very very nice Story


  3. Jose Medina

    Another console that is really hard to find is the original Xbox Live console that came in see through orange with a see-through controller and the other console does really hard to find is You original Xbox Mountain and the other console that is really hard to find is You original Xbox Mountain Dew

  4. Jose Medina

    Another hard console to find is the PSX not the PlayStation 1 but the PSX that came out in Japan those consoles are really hard to find them and working condition consoles when you buy them it mostly doesn't play DVDs or Blu-Rays another console that is really hard to find them is the Xbox original developers kit

  5. Vombie

    The Panasonic Q Didn't Just come with a Black Controller though, It actually came with a branded controller as well as a Remote that was made Specifically for the console.

  6. Lorne Ross

    Only reason I ever wanted a Panasonic was to play burned games, but instead I'll just hack the switch and put my gamecube ISO's on that instead since it doesnt look like nintendo will even bother with porting GC to switch. 🙄

  7. razz56rob1

    Nice find on that Panasonic Q! I remember almost ordering one when I was a kid back when it first came out but they wanted way more then what you paid for it. The toys R us by me was clearing out over a hundred of the Sega CDX for $99 but at that time It had mixed reviews. Something to do with a problem that some of them had plus I already had the Sega CD version 2. Years later I found the JVC x'eye for $10 at a rummage sale along with a virtual boy for $20. I had a virtual boy already but thought it would be nice to play 2 players. Unfortunately Nintendo never released the link cable but I heard a 3rd party recently did.

  8. SpillRune

    I really want a pearl white Game Boy Player, it was only ever sold as part of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles GameCube + GBP bundle in Japan, and that bundle sells for $3000 on eBay. Collecting just isn't fun anymore.

  9. Rabalajoie

    I bought the 32X Complete Guide on Amazon on friday afternoon right after the video and i got it shipped to my door on Monday morning in Canada. My God, it’s fast!

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