The PowerEgg-X Missed Opportunity

This all-in-one drone converts from a handheld camera to a waterproof drone. While that may sound amazing, sometimes trying to do it all, means you lack being great at one thing. This is the case with the PowerEgg-X. Make sure you watch till the end, when I talk about how the Poweregg-X could be a life saving type of platform.

PowerEgg X Explorer AI Camera & Drone:
PowerEgg X Wizard Waterproof AI Camera & Drone:

Watch my CES 2020 PowerEgg X video here:
Unboxing and Setup:

Sony A6600:
Sony Alpha 16-55mm F2.8 G:
Sony A6400:
Sigma 16mm f/1.4:
Sony RX100 VII:
Freewell 67mm Variable ND 2Pack:
PolarPro Variable ND:
DJI Osmo Action Camera:
Rode Wireless Go:
Promaster Monopod:
SwitchPod Tripod: (discount code MAKETHESWTCH)

Epidemicsound Music Free Trial:





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34 Replies to “The PowerEgg-X Missed Opportunity”

  1. Graham Brothers

    I think the problem here is that this product is geared towards casual users, being a "jack of all trades and master of none". At the same time though, it's also expensive af. If someone has the money to spend on a product like this, then they’re probably not a casual buyer in the first place.

  2. Nikos Tsanos

    Excellent review, you just got a new member. It so happens I own a poweregg x. I’m not calling it a drone, I call it a gadget that flies. Everything it does is mediocre, except flying. I flew it in temperatures below 0 Celsius and windy situations and the egg did exceptionally good. I wouldn’t pay 1150€ for that gadget. I was very lucky and picked a deal for 450€. It was the last piece in the store. Honestly I do enjoy flying with it and I would recommend it only if a store has it on sale.
    Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷

  3. FlyNS

    Another great video FlytPath, you always have such great drone videos, what he’s the whole video!! I would love if you could check out my channel 👍

  4. Joseph Valentinetti

    Your critique of the egg as a camera seems to be from the point of view that's it's not a action cam, well's not. But on a tripod it's a very good video camera that will track activities. I like the osmo pocket too but not everyone is viewing this as a blogger's rig. Shots in the rain may not be ideal but they are better than rain and snow shots from dji, right (irony)? The result of shooting in the rain and snow, footage wise, may be just what someone wants. The goal of some photographers isn't to alter reality. Thanks for this and other videos. I enjoy your channel.

  5. Morry Zelcovitch - Brainwave Entrainment Engineer

    Nice video, you make alot of really good points which hopefully they see and consider. the only issue i have with your video (and everybody elses for that matter is…) I'm having a real problem understanding all of you (YouTube) reviewer's who constantly point out that you're not going to get good footage in the rain… Who cares, it's about getting to fly in the rain, for fun, where all the other drones are grounded. I'm pretty sure that most of us realize we are not going to get our start with Hollywood 😉

  6. sputniksam

    I’ve had my PEX for a few weeks. In the beginning I had some teething problems, the main one being the Android APP would not display live video on my S6, S7, and S8, devices. I acquired a Huawei handset and all was good. With regard to in air stability: I’ve actually found it to be rock solid in this respect. I flew in 20mph winds and though it obviously wobbled it maintained its position with surprising accuracy. Ghosting while using the plastic enclosure: Obviously this is going to be an issue, it would be impractical to make the front out of optical and coated mineral glass. I’ve found the spray used on motorcycle helmet visors to be very effective in keeping the optical aperture of the plastic case clear in rain. I was asked by Powervision to test V2.0.9 of the Android App prior to release and in my feedback I suggested providing the option to use waypoint assisted flight. This ties into your comments about SAR and other cases that may require repeatable autonomous flight patterns, this may become a feature in the not too distant future. A lot of reviewers have been trying to draw direct comparisons between the PEX and various DJI products rather than score it on its own merits. On one day of testing I was unable to launch a Mavic Pro2 and an Inspire as DJI deemed it too cold where as the PEX was happy to fly regardless, which again highlights its strengths in adverse conditions. I’ll grant you that this is very much a Marmite (you’ll either live it or hate it) drone and is probably over priced for what it’s currently capable of delivering, but so far I’ve been very impressed with its flight envelope and agility.

  7. FunFam Vids

    As a power egg x owner I do not agree with some of your findings and comments. The 3 functions of the egg are all well useable, even the handheld mode. I get the issue about the phone requirement, but every camera needs a screen. You are not seriously suggesting that some sort of screen be included on the drone are you? Because to be fair that will be the only way to do it without a phone. About the done covering I agree with you. I think the design can be amended with some sort of visor at the top to prevent water rolling down the front and obscuring the camera. You have touched a bit on the tripod mode but only loosely. The drone has an impressive 170 degree angle which is impressive: with a tremendous ability to recapture subjects when they leave and return into view. As for the focusing on one bit like flying in the rain and hanging lights etc I really don’t see the appeal for that. I am not sure if many people buying drones are into search and rescue, but if it had all those extras it will kit be appealing to me. Also what about the extra weight that will involve? Wil the drone not then need bigger motors and batteries and let’s face it: be way bigger? I am not saying the drone is perfect, but It does what it is meant to do, and captures sound as well.

  8. TYPE xxi - WOLF

    well said in the description …

    The big question will be if we will get a drone with its gimbal camera that you may also use with a "power stick" as a stand alone gimbal camera.
    The second point might be interchangeable lenses but I do not know how if that could be possible due to different weight.

    But I am waiting quite a while for a reuseable gimbal on a drone.
    I do not see much progress in the overall line up except special demand or niche products like this one as water proof or dedicated follow me drones like the skydio that more or less sucked if used like a mavic 2 with remote and had not the best battery performance.

    Poweregg might work in the waves too … but it is far too expensive.
    And without the use of added benefits it looks clumsy.

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