The Point: Who gets hurt more, Huawei, ZTE or U.S. companies?

Yet another U.S. government agency designates #Huawei and #ZTE as “national security threats,” banning U.S. companies from using their #technology. Is this just an attempt to strangle Chinese tech companies, or does the U.S. have genuine concerns?

Jack Perkowski
Founder, Managing Partner, JFP Holdings

Zhao Hai
Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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30 Replies to “The Point: Who gets hurt more, Huawei, ZTE or U.S. companies?”

  1. Ethan Tran

    No such thing as free press in China. CGTN is just a mouth piece of the CCP. Trusting CCP is like trusting free Hong Kong for 50 years. Look at what they do to Hong Kong now. If Huawei technologies are that great, they would ban the US to buy from them.

  2. Hanna5859

    The US government has been spying on domestic citizens and foreign countries, even allies, for years and years. It is SO hypocritical for them to accuse anyone else whom they say MIGHT pose a "national threat." Their only fear is the loss of technological edge to the Chinese.

  3. Hue Nguyen

    I think Chinese Communist Party lose the most. The U.S. has 6G provide by Starlink which is going to be available to the world very soon. Huawei will be dead. It should be dead because of helping the evil Communist to against human and freedom world!

  4. yfelwulf

    Every US company works for the government and military. Amazon runs all their server farms, post on FB it goes straight to Amazon. Face Book has been part owned by the CIA since day one part of DARPA's plan to create a dossier on every person. Amazon will be storing and dispatching parts for the Military. Even food companies make rations for the military.

  5. yfelwulf

    America spends 70 Billion a year on Espionage that's half of China's entire military budget and almost twice what Russia spends. Care to guess who does all the Hacking and Spying.

  6. CW L

    China is beyond concern rather which country gets hurt more in this telecommunications war. The fact of the matter is that there will be two separate communication networks for which countries around the globe to choose from, the China system or a system of Western origin moving forward.

  7. Musa Fawundu

    China should continue furthering its technological development, and focus on its domestic market which is large enough for its companies to prosper.

    Even if China has less than 10% of its GDP come from exports, it will still likely be the largest economy in the world by 2030.

    China must have the capability of manufacturing any item that is worth producing domestically, so that it does not expose itself to restrictions and indeed embargoes by highly adverserial and even hostile states such as the United States can impose on it, and indeed influence, through cajolement and even threats, other countries to do the same to it, despite it being contrary to their economic interests.

    Once a Chinese entity masters EUV lithographic equipment manufacturing and processes, and reliable single crystal turbine blades, the game is over for the United States and

  8. john lee

    Basically it is because the US and its allies cannot continue to use Huawei & ZTE equipment to spy on everybody else. This puts them at a disadvantage position and they would also not be able to compel Huawei & ZTE to provide information or spy for them. Huawei & ZTE should just ignore them but convince India whether they choose to be a pawn and be spied upon. Narendra Modi has that experience before.

  9. John Chow

    Americans want to slow down 5G so that they, and their allies, hopefully can catch up! Unfortunately, they are only slowing down their own progress and allow the rest of the world to catch up. In a few years, the poor will no longer be exploited and will become rich. Those enriched by expioitations and suppressing others now will then be themselves be exploited!

  10. Sufficient Grace

    China doesn't understand how international Politics works. it's not about financial gain. Politics is an expensive weapon, if you look at it from a economic point of view, you loose no matter How much money you can save.

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