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In 2011 Sony Ericsson released the Xperia Play. An Android smartphone with elements of a Sony handheld game console that is very similar to the design of its predecessor – The Sony PSP Go.

We take a look at the Xperia Play and see what its capable of. Does it compare to the PSP Go? Lets find out!

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46 Replies to “The Playstation Phone – The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play | MVG”

  1. Linkman

    so I got it at launch and it was actually first own smartphone after finally upgrading from a flip phone. It was great for a while however I feel like the build quality was terrible. After a few month whenever I flip the screen to use the controls sometimes it would reset my phone! I got it replaced and few months later the same thing happened! wouldn't recommend honestly.

  2. Soulless

    My friend had one of those, I would always take it from him and play Real Football 201x, it was fun… never played any PS1 games on it though…
    I think the idea of an android phone/portable console is interesting, and if it was done NOW, with proper support, I think it would be a hit.

  3. AvrgDerk

    I had one of these back in my freshman year lol (2012-2013) I remember using psxperia to play the spyro trilogy all the time and having a blast with other emulators. My big problem then though was that back in the day n64 performance was nowhere near what it is today and many emulators wouldn't detect the analog touch things.

    Probably for the best though, they weren't very comfortable >~>

    Also, I had the AT&T model and that one didn't run gingerbread IIRC. The homescreen would only stay in portrait and only switched to landscape if I went into apps lmao

  4. Erection Protection

    Owned one of these. The flex cable was crap, you couldn't use 3 pole headphones, the storage was stupidly small and the camera used to stop working randomly. It was a great idea, but seemed like a bit of a gimmick

  5. vall 77

    I owned one of these back in high school.
    I should have used it more back then
    I was just afraid of getting it stolen cuz it was such a neat phone.
    everybody would freak out when I get a call on my PlayStation Portable
    Friend: that's your phone?!
    Me: Not right now I'm getting a call.
    The biggest limitation was actually the ram playing GBA games never ran quickly and there was always lag. The included earphones were awesome I felt like a hacker.
    The sliding mechanism for sliding out the controls was so satisfying and the click at the end.
    it's something you have to get in your hands to understand.

  6. Яасирь Шахидь

    Now that there are quite some gaming oriented phones, Sony can very well give this a shot again.
    Gaming is much better with the kinda hardware on todays phones compared to 2011 & i don't think the other gaming phones like the Razer phone or the Asus ROG phone offer hardware buttons like this (except for additional accessories tht u hv to buy separately). Something like this definitely has potential if done right.

  7. Dharmang

    You dont know the phone sony ericsson which had many games in it and had 2 buttons on the top of the phone to play it in rotated mode.

    Damn i begged my mom to buy it several years ago lmao ?
    The phone is still there xD in the fricking corner of my house

  8. S.

    This was my first Android smartphone, it had awesome exclusive Gameloft games and a nice rich sound, all my other phones afterwards had a much worse sound, and I always bought flagship phones from Sony and now Huawei.

  9. japas

    This was my first smartphone. I fucking loved it. I guess there wouldn't be a demand for a new version, since clip on bluetooth gamepads are so widely available, so it would make the phone unnecesarily clunky and big.

  10. A.i. Ciel

    Man, cellphones used to be so much more exciting than they are today. There were so many different options. Nowadays, you'd be lucky to be able replace your battery or use an SD card… and all we get in exchange is being able to submerge your phone in piss without voiding the warranty. Yay :/

  11. 0gami1tto

    Holy shit. I saw this and thought “why’s he making a video, it wasn’t that long ago, this still seems quite fresh.”

    But nope, 8 years ago!! I’m surprised they even bothered at that point, iPhone had taken over

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