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What? Sony made a PS2 TV? A television with a built in Playstation? Yes, that’s right, following in the footsteps of the SNES, NES and even Dreamcast televisions, we have a Sony Bravia LCD TV, with a Playstation 2 slapped onto it’s base. Otherwise known as the KDL-22PX300 I thought it was time to take a closer look at this UK exclusive. Internally it’s wired up with component connections, so we can also enjoy some HDMI like resolutions. What great times.

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41 Replies to “The Playstation 2 TV | Nostalgia Nerd”

  1. Isetup. exe

    i was lucky and found one for 50 POUNDS in CeX. They'd never had one before and didn't know what to price it at. the guy who took it in took a tenner for it apparently. anyway, really lucky i guess.

  2. Adam Smith

    I love your videos, they really take me back and remind me of some great memories! Seeing you play Die Hard Trilogy reminded me of the day and even the place I bought it! A TPP shooter, light gun and racing game in one, it was amazing value for money!

  3. TnA Plastic

    1. Yes there is basically an SCPH-900XX in it.

    2. The SCPH's on PS2 have 5 digits, so one 'X' more than you said! 😉

    3. It is possible to start Homebrew on these PS2-TVs and thus games from LAN/SMB with it as well, which works pretty good!
    I suggest watching 'Project Phoenix Media' s Videos about the Nano-/Travel-Router, to have a small and comfortable solution!

    4. It is possible to apply Wide-screen-patches to the games!

    5. It is possible to 'kickstart' FMCB on it as well, as long as there is a way to start Homebrew!
    A Swap Magic Disc, or a Chip works quite well and can start FMCB (beside the apps themself) as well!

    6. The PS2 FAT is 'thicc' (in the sense of 'cool') indeed!

  4. Just Another Youtube Channel

    I don’t need something like this at all or have space for it, and although I’m not really that interested in a flatscreen LCD TV, BUT I WANT ONE SO BAD!

    These are just so cool! A PS2, inside a TV! Amazing! I could find a use for a TV of this style, so I might try and get one.

  5. Grim Dark End

    I saw PS2 TV, I'm thinking it's what i have, but no. Mine is a Sony PS 3D monitor that was intended for use with the PS3. Still works, and works great with PC's (I play Elite: Dangerous in 3d mode with it). Only downside: shutter glasses. If you aren't used to em, they WILL give you a headache or nausea.

  6. coal james

    This brings back memories of burning a progressive/HD loader disc for my modded PS2 when HDTV's first came out, replaying all my favorite ps2 games at 1080p on a 50+ inch TV was a revelation .

    (This was before I had a PC powerful enough to emulate ps2 games and it was a daym good stopgap).

  7. Marcus Mizerak

    I remember seeing this at GameStop at launch or a Playstation brand 27" HDTV but couldn't afford at the time. Still not sure which one it was but was so cool to see on display at the time. Sucks I never got one! Good old days! Maybe Sony should do this with the PS4 or 5, but well thought out this time. Fun to dream!

  8. MWB Gaming

    When I was 14 made a mobile PS2 with a PS2 slim, a tiny LCD panel and 2 18650 cells

    There's nothing like playing GTA San Andreas on the school bus while everyone else had a gameboy or one of those tiger electronic games

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