The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

It’s certainly running on a Switch all right.

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34 Replies to “The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?”

  1. loliseeyou

    1:00. if I wanted to smack a robot over and over standing there about to fall asleep I would apply at walmart. This looks terrible and combat mechanics really? Crash bandicoot had more action in his bounce. These developers must be in their 40s and 50s

  2. Kelly Martin

    Patch coming out Oct 21 2020- as a Dad w 4 kids, the switch has breathed new life into rpg's for me. I finished main storylines in games I would have never been able to grab the tv for. The port is rough, it is. But its infinitely playable. The game is perfect for middle aged folks who love a game akin to a good book on the couch. I'll eventually get it on ps4/X1 for the shelf, but this is genuinely great on my switch lite. This is exactly what I wanted the Vita to be!

  3. Famous West

    Playing this games makes me feel like im wearing drinking goggles with a hangover.

    It's not good 🙁 that being said, i have it on PC also. Why did I get it on switch too? I'm dumb.

  4. Damo

    Copped this on Switch even though I play mostly on PC b/c I wanted a handheld option but holy smokes if I knew the graphics would be THIS poor I would have NOT bought it on switch. Instant regret.

  5. Braveheart841

    Man, that is one ugly game. I'm not defending bad ports anymore, given that Crysis and Warframe look and play really good on the switch, and both look better than this game. Playing it on PC. I was really hoping that this port would look and play good.

  6. DavyDave1313

    It looks absolutely horrendous on switch. There is no way the gameplay they are showcasing here is from the switch because it does not look that good.

    While I do enjoy it, it is so distracting when things that are like 20 feet away pop in and everything looks so basic. I picked it up on the switch for $30 so if I get to sell it to someone for $30 I’ll buy it on PC since it is on sale.

  7. ManiacMonkboon

    I really, really was hoping this would be one of the better Switch port's. This game was on my list even when I was still searching for a Switch (walked into Target in Massaponax and they had 3) and now that I have one, I'll still support and buy the game but wish it was better.

    I know I'll enjoy it. Hell, I still enjoyed Borderland and AC:Liberation on Vita . Excellent review my good Sir. 👊🏾

  8. bloody wolf999

    I know there’s a lot of negativity about the switch version, but honestly I can say IT PLAYS REALLY WELL! Yeah the graphics aren’t as spectacular as PS4/Xbox One but the fact it runs on a handheld device is already amazing. When I saw the graphics comparison though between switch and console it didn’t see much different but that’s just me as I have a lot of console games on the switch that graphically look ok but still had loads of fun. For anyone debating on getting the switch version, IGNORE THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS/COMMENTS! THIS GAME PLAYS AMAZINGLY WELL AND IS TONS OF FUN! ENJOY!!! 😄😄😄😄

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