The Original Xbox is still awesome – Softmod, BIOS Flash, Compact Flash HDD, Games, Emulators

16 years on, the original Xbox is still an amazing machine. In this video I softmod, teardown, TSOP flash, upgrade to a Compact Flash card and show what makes this console so awesome!


Easy Softmodding Guide :
Softmod Installer Files –
Xplorer360 –

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45 Replies to “The Original Xbox is still awesome – Softmod, BIOS Flash, Compact Flash HDD, Games, Emulators”

  1. tommik128

    We badly need someone to finally come with the true progressive 15 kHz output and custom video modes on Xbox for faithful emulation on CRT TVs… Will this happen or are we locked to imperfect 480 i/p forever?

  2. Shanna Leigh

    I pulled mine out, still in original box but its giving me an error code that service is required and to call customer support. I called and it told me to go online cs. Ugh…can anyone help Me? 😊

  3. Red xXx

    The first console I modified was the Xbox. It was easy and there was a lot of support online and home brews. The only hard part for any beginner was the preparations for the HDD upgrade. There were only a couple games that were used for the soft mod. I used 007: Agent Under Fire.

  4. Justin Ganther

    I specifically bought an Xbox to softmod it a few years ago along with a Wii. Though I was lazy and didn't want to buy Splinter Cell or the cable so I used a little bit more of a difficult method, which is hot swapping the IDE drive after the Xbox unlocks it so that a PC can access it. No soldering no bull, just takes a bit to get the timing down and being quick with the IDE cable. After that there were a few other steps, though I remember them being fairly simple. After you performed the softmod, iirc, you could load an exploit onto an Xbox memory card and easily softmod other Xboxs with it.

  5. dahitcher

    Softmod Installer Files link doesnt work. from the uk and really want to play THPS2X in the UK can I do this by soft modding alone? this is an elusive game that has always been a dream to play with my brother please help!

  6. Jonathan Wallace

    Psi Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy…By itself is reason enough to get an Xbox Original….Then adding in the fact that the Versions of Indigo Prophecy and Conker's Bad Fur Day Live and Reloaded are unique in the sense of the re releases being altered to either remove unused but included files that were on the discs and to implement "fixes" that were removing unintended effects/results of the original coding I.E. Black Original release had "exploitable" Animation interrupts that could be used to get better reload times just like Halo Combat Evolved…Speaking of Halo..well Halo 2…Empty Rocket Launcher plus Energy sword plus Weapon Fire and Weapon switch button spamming alternating in a rapidfire fashion equals Empty Rocket Launcher gaining the Energy sword's Primary Fire Lunge without losing its Reticule Range…lol end result is the funniest troll surprise attack to introduce a newbie to Halo2….and FYI with the Energy Sword if someone else has a energy sword and they are lunging at you…sidestep towards their sword arm while crouching the use the Melee button…not the primary attack button or trigger the Riflebutt and or Pistolwhip secondary attack button. If done right you'll quick swing,which will never lunge as well. And the force of your swing will literally negate the Lunge attack..All damage and the lunge leaving them vulnerable and you primed to Johnny Cage them with your energy sword.

  7. Matt Larose

    Yes you can absolutely install a different hard disk (or in your case, SSD) into a softmodded xbox. It requires some software and a PC with a suitable IDE connection. You essentially copy the Lock code of your drive over to the new one. That's how I put a 250gb drive into my first original xbox, no modchips required.

  8. Leajiaure

    Good luck finding an Xbox with a component cable for $50. I payed as much for my cable as the Xbox cost. The official Microsoft cable (which includes digital audio!!) is relatively rare.

  9. Chrismofer

    This is fascinating and i'm about to go down a rabbit hole modding my original xbox. I have a question, of viability: what if you put in a wifi CF card/ wifi SD card (i've seen them work and it's amazing) so that the xbox's harddrive is editable on the network. could you hack games live? like swap out textures and shit as the game runs? or maybe, to prevent read/write interruptions, you'd need to pause the cpu or hard drive controller for a moment to update the files?

  10. therealshadowwolf1

    bull shit me and my girlat the time both had and xbox tho my xbox at the time was at my brothers cause he wanted to play a game. so all game and even music and couple tv shows i place on my ex xbox till my brother give me mine back well me and my girl got into a fight we broke up and she crashed in the spare room but i had my brother drop my xbox off and i felt that she did not desearve a modded xbox so i switched her harddrive with mine and even up to today it still works

  11. CowboyBebop

    Hey mr. Mvg how do i acquire one of these modded xboxs with the latest version of unleashx? Id like to find a trustworthy source and i suspect you may have a good answer

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