The ONLY 2 MUST HAVE accessories for the Parrot Anafi | You guys need these…

IRCtek Parrot Anafi Soft-shell Case –
Freewell Filter 6-pack for Parrot Anafi –
Parrot Anafi –
Extra Batteries –

Thanks for stopping by guys, we talk about all sorts of Drone tech and in todays clip we’re looking at the only two must have accessories that you need for the parrot anafi. A all in one carry bag for your remote and extra batteries as well as some filters to slow that shutter speed down to get your best buttery footage possible!

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13 Replies to “The ONLY 2 MUST HAVE accessories for the Parrot Anafi | You guys need these…”

  1. John Beckley

    Great video bro one question I have been trying to purchase the original drone only bag and I can't find it anywhere I bought mine used and it didn't come with the original bag so it wouldn't fit into the case properly without it do you have any links to this?

  2. BJ Nicholls

    I dislike having the case within a case. Speaking of things that add extra hassle when setting up. I hope Parrot starts selling the new Extended case. Spare batteries are kind of accessories, but must have.

  3. boneyard101

    I think rather than a case, I would want a backpack instead. Filters are a little pricey. Would rather use that cash towards another battery. Thank you so much for the video. Maybe do one for just freeflight 6?

  4. hessy bear

    It's a good drone but I'm noticing it's cheap build ! After 2 weeks the usb has come unsoldered in the controller . You wouldn't want the cable inside in the bag that's for sure ! Any pressure can easily break the usb so be careful guys . Seems the gimbals can power on with filters others can't . Mine can't 😥

  5. Gerald Bertram

    I am a huge fan of this drone. I have been comparing the footage out of it with the Mavic and the Phantom and I have to say, this little drone takes amazing footage. Easily beats the Mavic.

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