The One Sided Console War – Xbox Versus Playstation

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The “console war” is a foundational aspect of modern console gaming. Xbox and Playstation, Microsoft and Sony, fighting it out for the wider market share of the casual Triple A markets.

However… one of them, is playing to change the game… adding value like never before and totally redefining the concept of “generations” while the other… becomes comparatively stagnant.

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38 Replies to “The One Sided Console War – Xbox Versus Playstation”

  1. Jonny Town

    Let's say, i was rich: and I'd have to choose between a PS5 or Xbox series x. What do i choose?

    PS5, the exclusives carry the PS5. The game pass is a better value, but i don't want to play 97% of the games in the gamepass. I want to play the big PS5 games, the PS4 exclusives, the VR, the exclusive content in cross platform games like call of duty. I get the same content as the xbox except from the halo games etc (i have to pay more for the games i want that are in the game pass) and the Playstation exclusives. If i can afford it, i should totally buy a PS5 instead.

    Poorer families could easily buy an xbox s for £200 and a hundred games for £1, that's £201. Extremely cheap.

  2. rayzimmermin

    i am a sony fan who has had every sony console but this next gen im jumping ship to be exclusively on PC this will be the fist PlayStation console i will not have

    and it has nothing to do with marketing strategy or what console is better because thy both suck equally because of the same major flaw and that is the SSD is on the Mobo and all SSDs will die do to TBW limits meaning every PS5 and Series S/X will be paper weight when their SSD dies because the SSD cant just be replaced

  3. Ushimimi Girl Alice

    Honestly i sold my ps4 the moment they started censoring XD Now i own an xbone for AAA and a switch for my Japanese games

    I'm only sharing this Because Sony lost a big niche that Nintendo took over so now it's literally just fighting with Xbox over First party, there was a time i jumped on Playstation simply Because i knew it would have the games i enjoy, that Time is over now sadly

  4. Chr1s234 5

    I pretty much only agree with PlayStation having the better exclusives. The rest you are basing on a “future” of gaming that is not going to be the center of gaming for many, many years. The foundation needed to fully stream is something that cannot reach into all demographics because the backbone technology is not there. There are still apartments in downtown Dallas that have 20mb internet and its shaky at that. That’s a major metropolitan area. Also to your point of the game pass I paid for a year of game pass ultimate and have regretted every dollar spent waiting for my time to run out. They hardly ever have more than 1 decent game at a time and I’m including Xbox pc in that as well. I’d rather pay for every game outright and pay my monthly PlayStation fee than get the game pass ultimate at the same price if that tells you anything. Another bonus for PlayStation is a much less toxic environment. While I get your points, I think you’re basing them off of a prediction of the future that is not close enough to fruition to be able to “end the console war” Not in this next generation of consoles anyway. The exclusives btw boil down to the fact that Microsoft has less money to throw at them by dipping their fingers in too many pots with the game pass, their batch of exclusives and the eventual streaming. Jack of all trades, master of none applies.

  5. osman zubeir

    The day that Microsoft wins the console war I will be building a gaming pc cause they tried to restrain single player games by making you log in online 24 7 this is while they are still competing with Sony what do you think they will do to us if they monopolies the market

  6. Anon ymous

    And entire library of games I couldn't possibly play in a month…or a game that is phenomenal that I can play over and over endlessly. I have both systems but the exclusives on PS are just better. $ wise I think XBox is on a better path but loyalty is always going to stay with PS overall if you are comparing the two. The fact alone that they made games exclusive leans to keeping a player base which in itself is steady vs a casual player base without and constant stream of consistency. It's an interesting debate but I know one system out of the two has better exclusive titles.

  7. Richard Samuelson

    PlayStation definitely has the better controllers and GUIs, honestly, alongside a few more interesting games (e.g. Persona 5/Royal, Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank 2/3/Deadlocked). So…yeah, I'll personally never pick Xbox.

  8. Anshuman Rahul

    I mean Microsoft is a really big company and they can do whatever they want with Xbox without caring about profit or loss on the other hand PlayStation is the largest profitable venture for Sony, it needs to make profit for Sony

  9. Civil Chev

    I see this as an absolute win and why, even though my wife enjoys the PS exclusive titles very much, we are also planning on getting the new XBox.

    My wife and I have a very different approach to games. She likes bouncing between a couple of different games at a time, while I just focus on a single game to play and complete before moving on to the next, all while we pay a monthly fee to continue playing FFXIV together.

    Because most of my free time is spend playing FFXIV, I don't typically buy new games which means I'm only spending, roughly, $12/month for all the gaming that I need, and because of the nature of the game I very quickly get my money's worth just by hopping on to do daily content, and if I didn't do more than that I would STILL come out ahead based on my money spent. FFXIV has a currency you earn by playing the game, with the best one having a cap that resets each week. So having four weeks in a month at minimum I would only need to play 3 hours a week in order to spend only $1/hour of gameplay, which isn't even enough time to properly get my weekly cap even when playing as optimally as I can. This means that by paying a monthly fee for a game I spend a lot of time playing I am getting way more out of my investment.

    Let's compare this to FF7R, a $60 game that takes, roughly, 30 hours to clear the story, with an additional 10 hours to complete the game, if we're being generous. Already we're at $2 per hour of gameplay for just clearing the story, which most casuals will clear the story and move on to the next game, and if they buy another game they have to play for another 30+ hours or so to justify buying the product.

    So let's look at the $10/month for an entire library of games. Assuming someone can only play for an hour a day (most don't) you're still looking at $0.33 an hour at the minimum and the more hours you play a day will only increase the amount of money you're saving by an un-quantifiable amount! I saw the argument that this causes people to feel like they need to play games to get their monies worth. Well so long as you average an hour a day, which, again, most people easily surpass this, you won't have to. In fact, the current means of buying a $60 product actually makes you spend more time on an individual game MUCH more than spending $10 to access a library, since you can spread your game time between multiple titles and still get the benefit.

    I see this as an ABSOLUTE win for Microsoft. Yes, at the moment Sony is blowing everything away with their exclusive games, and the people who are already fans of the content won't care about saving money, but to everyone else this is a win for the consumer as now video games, like movies are now, will be more accessible than ever. This is also a win for the developers because people can play their games without hoping they get their money's worth.

  10. MannElite

    PC Gaming is the future. Eventually these kids will grow up and realize a console is simply a locked-down PC, that only allows its user to perform certain functions. That's all it is. Imagine buying a computer that can only access and play Microsoft games, voila you have an Xbox.

  11. ShadyYogaInstructor

    The problem is people get hyped for individual games, not value. Sure there will be alot of value conscious gamers who see this as a great value but the moment their friends all talk about the latest sony exclusive and how incredible it is, the game pass matters less. You are being tremendously generous to Microsoft based on the Netflix model but I dont think this is the killer app, its Microsoft trying to leverage value as an attempt to counter the cost of high quality game development which is why the new Halo looked like shit.

  12. Owl Raider

    I don't think the Marvel's Avengers Spiderman should be included in the exclusivity discussion. Just as you said first party games are understandably exclusive Sony Entertainment owns the Spiderman franchise, so why should they give it to Microsoft for free? In fact Spiderman in Marvel's Avenger is just a tiny aspect of the much larger Sony vs Marvel(Disney) saga regarding Spiderman and the MCU. This isn't at all like Sony/Epic exclusives like God of War/Metro Exodus, it's so much larger. Thus using Spiderman for this discussion is just ignorant.

  13. ichatterbot

    The strategy of series x is much better and if cloud gaming ever takes off then it’s not even close as to who will win….Sony will literally have to use azure to offer good cloud gaming. However, Sony has a lot of great games. I’m struggling to find a series x augmented game to play if I purchase the series x on launch day. Even on current gen, the race is actually neck and neck in many countries outside of Japan. The perception is that ps4 definitely won this gen by a lot. Like 50 people bought an Xbox in Japan….japan and other Asian countries massively skew the overall market share stats. Excluding Japan and some other Asian countries, the market share stats look much closer.

  14. TornadoCreator

    "We don't buy a DVD now when we want to watch a movie, we just don't do that" – Correction. YOU don't do that. I still buy my films on Blu-Ray and will continue to. If you want to give up your ownership rights for digital distribution, be my guest; I'll stick with Sony on this one.

  15. Justaguy

    Xbox is such dogshit. Nothing will sway people to pick xbox when there's games are worse than playstation. Spiderman wasn't gonna be available to anyone in the first place without sony. Most multiplatform spiderman games during the 7th generation were mediocre at best. Plus ps now is just as good as game pass.

  16. MEIJIN44

    I think what everyone is missing is that ps vs xbox isn't a real fight. We call it a console war but only one side is fighting in that console war. Remember it isn't playstation versus xbox. It is playstation versus xbox and pc. Essentially sony versus microsoft and all of their partner companies including anyone running any aspect of windows or anything compatible with it.

    One day consoles will be a thing of the past with only collections in retro packs or digital libraries. If playstation doesn't evolve forward that library will be incomplete and slow in coming maybe even with large chunks missing.

    In the future if sony doesn't partner with apple they will be a relic of the past much how sega is a game company but used to put out consoles that rivaled Nintendo.

    Remember xbox and playstation have no true legs in a field where nintendo became a legend. Remember look back at xbox 360 and playstation 3 then look at Nintendo's ds and the Wii and realized it wasn't even a fight. Nintendo has the strongest casual market. Playstation and xbox have the largest portion of those in the casual market that think they aren't.

  17. Kalessin

    The only reason I ever buy any console is because of its exclusives. Ideally, I'd never buy any console ever and just play everything on my PC. Having to pay for a specialized computer just to play certain games is incredibly annoying and wasteful. So, with Sony's strategy, I unfortunately have a reason to buy their consoles, much as I would very much prefer not to. With Xbox, there's increasingly no point, because their games are often released on Windows, and MS is making a point of releasing all of their future Xbox games on Windows. And since I hate the whole subscription model, I'll never get something like game pass. So, from my perspective, as much as I hate the fact that Sony has exclusives, they're actually relevant because of it, whereas Xbox is completely irrelevant. Of course, if enough of Sony's exclusives end up on PC in the future (even with a delay), then maybe the Playstation will finally become irrelevant too, but that's probably going to take a while and rely on you being willing to wait for some of these games. I dream of the day where consoles are completely irrelevant, and there's no reason to have to buy them to play any game – though sadly, that will likely never come, since no matter what happens with Sony and MS, Nintendo's not about to start releasing their games on PC.

  18. Élizabeth Laflamme

    I personally don’t care about the console war. My first console ever was a PS2 and I’ve stuck with them ever since. I bought a Xbox last year because I wanted to know what the other side feels like and it’s great, but I tend to use my PlayStation more. I love the exclusives titles and also all my friends are on PlayStation, so I’m buying it next November.

    Each their own opinions for sure tho

  19. IcySon55

    My perspective is colored by one thing alone, control. If there is even the slightest chance of losing something I've paid for, I won't buy it. Thus, physical forever and I've stopped purchasing DRM-riddled digital-only games (GOG excluded of course). I've gone back to buying classic physical PC games and only purchase console titles that are released physically and that do not require downloads to get the full experience. (Half-baked Switch cartridge releases and games with 10+GB day one patches…)

  20. Aremis

    I disagree, I think Microsoft is moving away from consoles with their ecosystem and that leaves Sony, by default, the winner when it comes to consoles. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft killed their console within the next couple of generations in favor of just providing better experiences on the PC. As of right now, they have announced that every new game will not only be on Game Pass on day one, it will also be on PC. It appears, as Microsoft moves to expand their ecosystem into cloud gaming and PC gaming, that Microsoft is less interested in making a console than Sony is. This essentially means that Microsoft is giving up on the console market as they no longer feel it's profitable.

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