The Nintendo Switch SEQUELS That We REALLY Want… And One I DON’T!!!

The Nintendo Switch is likely to get many different sequels in its lifetime, and that’s what today’s video about! Super Mario Odyssey 2, Breath Of The Wild 2, Splatoon 3? Well, that’s gonna be the topic of today’s video! Hope you enjoy!

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22 Replies to “The Nintendo Switch SEQUELS That We REALLY Want… And One I DON’T!!!”

  1. Brigitte Freda

    you want arms 2 whats next your gonna want a game called your mama. also arms did a very bad job at being good and thats why you take the 1 pice of cake that has take the L on it.i also NEVER see myself go back to arms 1 or the dumb stupid bad never gonna be sequel

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