36 Replies to “The Nintendo Switch May Be My Favorite Console Of All Time. Here's Why…”

  1. Patrick Smith

    Bro i thought the same thing every system they made wasnt for me i never owned any nintendo product except a gameboy and that was for pokemon my brother owned a gamecube i played n64, wii at a friends house i just thought nintendo was behind to me until i seen the switch i just like the way its designed a full mobile console on the go. A psvita is not the actual console and it dont play the same like it does on ps4 so when the switch dropped and it showed all the things it does it sold me i gave up my first gen ps4 for it and i hope that they get the same games ps4 get like Spiderman and resident evil 2 remake would b way cooler on nintendo due to they have the best motion controls. Now the thing i dislike was the fact the controllers dont have that speaker the wii had and they was the first company to do that with a gaming console.

  2. Ronnie Escoto

    Amen brother, my son is 18 months and I struggle to find time to game, between work, and my family I thought gaming was in the past for me. Until I got a switch! It has enabled me to be a working man, family man and a gamer. I know this video is a little old but This is the first time I’ve seen a switch review that completely nailed it on the head for me as to why this system interested me so much .

  3. wktjan4286

    Nintendo went from N64 for kids to WII for seniors and now Switch for everyone. They were marketing consoles based on target audience. That is marketing. An idiot tech guy like you will never get marketing. You hate the WII because you were not the target audience. You said it yourself. You are a tech guy not a gamer. You like the Switch because it is tech that is portable from handheld to console. Stupid tech nerd.

  4. Hana Fulton

    Hey no fault in loving the switch i love my 3ds and most nintendo consoles but my pc is still where i play my big games, i play the 3ds as my handheld console. Still dont have a switch

  5. Brian Rumph

    As a father of a 4 year old, I whole heartedly agree !! Enjoying games with the kids, brings experiences that are priceless and the little time I have to myself with work/life balance the switch gave me a hint of being able to enjoy a little excapism from time to time. Thanks for this video 👏👏, jus subbed !!

  6. NWL Wiffle Ball

    I would agree. I got a nintendo switch for christmas. I a PC, Xbox, Play Station, and Switch now. And since christmas (when I got my switch), I’ve put more time into my switch than the other 3 combined.

  7. Cal McG

    Oh, I agree. The Wii’s motion controls were a gimmick. But that doesn’t mean it’s not my favourite console of all time. (It is)

    Here’s why: The games.

    Both Galaxy games, NSMBWii, and Mario Kart Wii are some of my favourite games of all time and they were all on the Wii. Plus, I love the Wii’s interface. Mine broke a while back, and I still want a new one, and am getting a new one eventually.

    The Switch is my second favourite console of all time. It already has great games, especially seeing how Animal Crossing 2019 is gonna be out soon. It’s game library has grown majorly over the past year.

  8. John Hamm

    Nintendo was weird to me after Super Nintendo, which clearly has an amazing library for all ages. I loved the N64 as I was a kid back then but it's clear they lost third party support and became more kid friendly. Haven't owned a Nintendo console since N64 but now I'm getting interested in the Switch.

  9. JoJoOvOxO

    I have to say this was the best review for anything I have ever seen I had been trying to keep this battle going with Xbox and PlayStation I’m leaving the war. The life I have is really busy I travel from Indiana to Chicago everyday and I shoot videos for the company I work for so when I get home I’m editing all day and by time I’m done I feel too drained to boot up Red Dead Redemption 2 anymore. I was skeptical as anyone should be when the Switch first released. My older brother bought one and instantly when I played Mario Kart on it with him at a family dinner I had a energy I haven’t had in a while. I felt like a kid again while being an adult I feel this should be seen by adults as the alternative because who doesn’t want to have fun. The Nintendo Switch brung the fun back into gaming not because of the games. Not because of hardware but because of the idea behind having great quality game to play while being busy I’m buying one once I get the money but yes this is perfect for people who have lives. People who work. People with kids.

  10. Skelzore

    I never owned a Nintendo product other than the WII (can you tell why I never considered getting anything of theres when the WII U was announced) just got a switch a little less than a month ago, but it is my fav console of all time.

  11. A Mc

    hate the switch with an absolute passion, the vita was and is doing everything the switch was and more 5 years ago. I just feel the switch is a gimmiky childs toy

  12. sausage salad

    You still enjoying those AAA titles on the switch? How's RE7, RE2 remake, RDR2, MKX, COD? Oh wait. The switch doesn't have ANY AAA titles on it besides Doom. It's just another underpowered nintendo gimmick.

  13. TheGameTinkerer

    hey brother, I feel you on the time deal. I did my life in reverse. Now Im 40 with 4 kids that I see from now and then, and I live with mom and dad and I collect and play. I live the perfect teen age life every other weekend. The rest of the time I look forward to the time I get my youngest girl and spending time with her gaming and doing car stuff etc

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