The New Google Home Hub – A Hit or Dud?

Is it worth it to get the Google Home Hub over the audio only versions?

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The “Google Home Hub” is the latest Google Home smart assistant device, and unlike the other versions, this one has a screen. It will be able to do things like show videos, and have a visual interface for information you request. But is it worth it?

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49 Replies to “The New Google Home Hub – A Hit or Dud?”

  1. Nelson De Los Santos

    Just saw this video. So I’m sorry to let you now that they Nest just had a $100 off and if you have American Express CC $40 Off. final price $10 with the purchase of $200 or more. I bought Hello Doorbell and got my hub- basically for free. Check your CC – it may double your warranty.

  2. GetDatPromo

    Dud, have to buy the expensive nest cams to view it on google screen, sticking with Amazon and Ring on this one, at least you can get Amazon Prime and upload your movies on your own server that you can put on the echo.

  3. Hummingbird Spirit

    This product sucks! The most basic feature is a complete fail…the device dims too much in the dark so you cannot see the clock on the face of the device at night…cannot replace your bedside clock with this unit because it dims too much…Google is aware of this flaw and they are working to correct it…don't waste your money until Google gets their shit together and designs a fix for this major issue.

  4. Timenim

    I purchased this to use for cooking, I could use my phone but it's always a pain in the ass to go to settings and change to "never sleep" and I always get my phone grimy. Well worth the $90 I paid!

  5. JMysticStar7

    I've only had my Google Hub for two days now. I only wanted it to replace my clock… basically simply for aesthetic purposes. Most of the stuff I'd just use my phone to do. But, it's nice to have a digital picture frame and clock in one. I gave my Google mini to my niece.

  6. Dan Horton

    this is an overpriced tablet taped to google home and even that is a stretch. honestly by a chromecast audio and a tablet will cost like $120 for a better product. what they need to do is release the software as a Launcher you can download from the play store for like $12. Good video tho. Well done!

  7. Vivek S

    Great review. One question – Is the sound quality of hub poorer than other Home devices? I reviewed Hub in Target and it seemed way lower than Home that I have seen at my friend's place. Not sure if this is Hub's limitation or was it just store setting.

  8. Johnny

    Google’s presence is literally everywhere and it wants to play god without permission. Google’s surveillance has no limits. They track literally everything you do and everywhere you go. And not just on the Internet, but even in real life. This how Google manages to follow your every step. Google really wants to know where you go. So much so that it keeps tracking your location even if you tell it not to. Google achieved dominance in digital advertising thanks to their focus, commitment and sheer will. The will to know about every single step you make. Google is able to attract advertisers thanks to their ability to profile records of your entire activity on the web. But this time, the corporate behemoth is able to track what you buy even in physical stores. Google spying has no limits. The laws are ancient and broken because Google lobbies millions of dollars every year to keep privacy regulations at check.

  9. Jeff Miller

    Hello. The Echo Show is so much better.
    I don't know where you got your information. But you can turn the camara on and off. Just go to settings-device options-camara. There is a on and off switch. I have the 1st and 2nd generation Echo Shows and gave my sister one after I purchased the 2nd generation . Now we can video phone each other. Winner Show.
    Please update this and compare.
    Keep up the good work. Enjoy your vlogs.

  10. HighOnAmmo

    My mom already yells at Alexa…imagining her trying to use this shit is hilarious to think about.

    "NO ALEXA YOURE STUPID WEAAATHEERR NEXXXXTTTT WEEEEEEEK" okay talk to it like it's a kid mom…it's a computer talk to it like you're a computer…and she doesn't get it still

  11. Jeffrey Segal

    So I was about to buy a $99 tablet and I happened to see an ad for this. I don't have tv or cable service, I watch a lot of youtube and often cast it to my tv. My problem is if I use a laptop or tablet to cast, they go to sleep between videos. Also the last 2 tablets I bought only lasted a year. Is this device up to the task of casting youtube videos and maybe viewing Insta or reading emails? That's all I need. I do not watch videos on my phone. Dunno how people can stand it.

  12. Lisa Goldbaum

    I'm just like you, the first thing I do on my pixel phone is get rid of the political propaganda from the Google cards and Google news and make it all tech news lol. Shame you can't customize the Google Home Hub that way.

  13. Steve Bondi

    Great review :). I bought it, tried to replace one of my Google Home’s, and ended up giving to my nephew, because the microphones are way less sensitive than the normal Google Home (and thus far less effective with far field voice recognition – especially from behind it) and the dinky speaker sounds like “tinny” and unpleasing for its voice responses 🙁

  14. PhillyDjHook

    Why won't they just utilize the google chromecast to show you everything on your TV screen? Why do I have to give Google all my ideas for free? Google dropped the ball with no camera in 2018 and it's way too small and too expensive. DUD

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