The Netatmo Presence, outside security light and camera reviewed.

If you are on the look out for a quality security camera and light in one unit, then this could be for you.
Available from
John Lewis and Maplin Electronics.

18 Replies to “The Netatmo Presence, outside security light and camera reviewed.”

  1. dazzzdelux

    The mount looks very basic. I want to mount one to the side of my house so it looks down the side of my house towards the back gate, but this looks like it only mounts looking forwards. Can it be mounted to a wall then be made to face to the side?

  2. Martin James

    Good review sir! sold it to me. My only concern is I will need to mount it low around 5 foot so will need a steep angle down to avoid filming neighbours opposite. Also facing west, I hope afternoon glare from sun will not affect it? Note to buyers, Maplin has now folded but many retailers incl Amazon/ Wickes etc sell these

  3. Jonathan

    Looks like a great piece of kit that. Just a question though,Is there no laws regarding what exactly you can film? Because essentially you’re pointing the camera towards a public road and you’re neighbours can even be seen aswell, I’m sure there’s certain laws around this? No doubt you’ve already done the research before using it though.

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