The Most UNDERRATED Android Phone of 2018 [LG V40 ThinQ Review]

The LG V40 ThinQ just got a $250 discount. So is this now the most UNDERRATED Android flagship of 2018? More @

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30 Replies to “The Most UNDERRATED Android Phone of 2018 [LG V40 ThinQ Review]”


    I just love the bokeh, the lens flare and the translucent and the cinematic soft film look texture it produced. The s10, nokia s9 and iphone xs cannot produced. The V40 produced such professional image.

  2. Xyu Bam

    Just got this phone a couple of weeks ago after dropping my 2.5 year old LG v20 in the pisser, causing it to bootloop endlessly. So far I'm loving the phone! It is sharp & fast but most importantly, they have immensely improved their speakers! Before going LG v20, I was a die-hard Samsung Galaxy Note guy. I started off with Note 2, & then would basically upgrade each year, thus owning Note 3, Note Edge, & then Note 5! I loved those phones but one thing that always pissed me off was how shitty their speakers were. So as soon as I got my Notes I'd instantly go onto XDA & find out how to root them so that I could tweak the volume decibels passed what is normally allowed! During this time I remember a friend of mine had an LG v10 I believe & his speaker was super loud & so when it was time to upgrade my phone again, instead of going to the next Note model after my Note 5, I decided to go for the LG v20! Unfortunately once again the speakers weren't up to par like they were on my friend's LG v10, however they were a bit louder than all my past Notes plus I was able to install a couple of apps, one was a Volume Booster & the other was a Volume Booster with an Equalizer & together after disabling the MusixFX.apk I was able to boost the speakers without having to root the darn thing! After that the only real issue I had was with the battery life, plus the ram speed due to all the stupid system apps running plus all of the apps I installed & even with an auto ram booster, a no-root app force closer, & also havingas many unused system apps disabled as possible I'd still have occassional ram & battery issues with each passing months. I did buy a couple of extra batteries that I would interchance plus I had a really good dual external charger, so all in all I used the crap out of the LG v20 even with all those issues mentioned, plus with a cracked screen I got after 1 year of usage. Finally 2.5 years later the pisser did me in & I had to upgrade. So naturally I'd to choose between the LG v40 ThinQ or Samsung Galaxy S10+ since the Note 9 was almost a year old & the Note X hasn't been released yet for Sprint as of end of March when I was at my local Corporate Sprint Retailer. Even though I really liked the screen color richness of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ compared to the LG v40, I decided to go with the LG v40 because the price was a couple hundred dollars cheaper, plus I got hooked up with an even cheaper finance monthly payment of $25/month for 18months plus 6 extra months to keep the phone in a finance to own plan. Plus it came with a nice Otter Box heavyduty case with a lifetime warranty plus a glass screen protector! Anyways, I've been using it for a couple of weeks now & I honestly LOVE IT! Not much of a photographer so I couldn't care less about the 5 cameras, though I guess it's a cool feature to have. What I'm stoked about is how loud the speakers are & how rich the sound is. The phone is really fast too. Overall, I'm stoked! Definitely recommend!

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