The Mavic Mini – The Rules You Need to Know.

With the DJI Mavic Mini coming in at a very light 249 grams, are there different rules that apply when flying it? Are there any rules at all? This video discusses the most important rules you should know when flying the Mavic Mini.

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*Please note: if you have the LumeCube strobe attached to the Mini, it surpasses 250grams, requiring registration. (Yes, I know it’s a mess, but that’s how it stands)

*Also, the “flying over a canyon” scenario is highly debated. We honestly have no true answer. Just speculation from many people. When it doubt, go with the safest practices.

Billy Kyle and I discuss the Mavic Mini:

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49 Replies to “The Mavic Mini – The Rules You Need to Know.”

  1. Sleeping Bear

    Lol rules politicians all they do.. wheres you mask? They are toys! Your a grown man.. with god givin rights. It's a toy?? Pretty shure god says all can play with toys? Did I mention wheres your mask? you got your seat belt on? Wearing a helmet if on a two wheel bike? I personally feel like jew in living in nazi Germany.. who flys those toys.. lol no fpv?? We cant share the hobby! Fly by people? Well were the last to fly then.. if nobody can see..then how is our hobby supose to grow? You and kenand the likes of you guys.. wear your mask. I'm dine watching people who cant stand up to a corrupt over bearing government. Good bye

  2. luis laurencio

    The first rule, over a canyon agl or above ground level is the top of the canyon. No one in aviation will call agl relative to the bottom of the canyon that doesnt make sence since airplanes dont usually go in canyon

  3. jess916com

    great job any new rules yet for 2020 october today just started out appreciate the info didn't know i was breaking the rules when i fly and can't see it its small im getting old

  4. Solutions Exist

    Too much regulation in search of common sense.

    Too much regulation in search of a problem.

    Too much FAA discretionary prosecutorial Application of Rules and Regulations as Boeing can produce planes known to have defects that kill passengers and crews; but going after drone violations are far more important.

    1. I saw birds flying near planes. The FAA did nothing.
    2. Birds are flying into planes. The FAA did nothing.

    3. I reported to the FAA that trees line not only Regional Airport property; trees are flying in a 125 foot static position along both sides of final approach and the ILS markers, and the FAA did nothing.

    4. I reported to the FAA that a just off the Regional Airport property fence and on base leg transition that a car rental business flies a 25 foot diameter ballon tied to their building 125 to 150 feet into the air, and the FAA did nothing. However, and all DJI CIA supported drones will not take off one foot above your property within 5 unrealistic miles of the Regional Airport even though fat birds weighing 3-5 pound flying above this area and the airport at will …, and the FAA does nothing.

    5. The FAA are experts at controlling “sheep” and drones. Boeing not so much. Their recently retired FAA high ranking and senior mid-level employees are always in demand for employment positions at Boeing, etc. and yet there are no FAA regulations about those employees “flying” over to Boeing.

    6. FAA regulations are searching for reasons to distract from their primary Home Land Security purpose. Yet a foreign army can walk across either border. Yet there are no FAA rules for that either as their drones would be exempt.

    7. Bet you have a few too.

    Yes – some regulations are appropriate – primarily for drones greater than three pounds in weight.

  5. eyes in the sky drone

    I like your vids but got to say i see in the comment putting down a Canadian drone flyer just because he or she was stating drone laws in Canada which like it or not the law is the law whether you like it or not,its not right to insult a commenter especially when there right on canada laws its sad your so transparent on how ignorant you are

  6. Georgina Curiel

    I was on the river floating down couple of weeks ago, I was with my sisters and some friends, and a drone kept flying over us, It was very annoying! And now I know it was illegal! I saw the guy flying it but there was more people, and I didn’t want to get close to them. Thanks for this info!

  7. rnklanoue

    Flying a drone was a hobby that I thought I could enjoy. Nope! Not the case at all. Found out that I was in restricted airspace and it was basically unusable. Shipped it back. If your thinking about flying a drone there might be a two square mile patch of land in Idaho where you can fly it. Don’t waste your time or money.

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